0 thoughts on “Protesters Interrupt First Session Of Super Congress

  1. well maybe if those guys behind the desk in their fancy suits laughing didn’t have a job it wouldn’t be so funny to them. i wish i could have been there add to the screams. i’m sure we will see more of this. did anyone have a gun…that’s what get’s attention in america and in this state for sure. our new governor just loves them. that’s the answer. this all has me in such a MENTAL state that i can’t even focus anymore worrying about how i’m gonna eat or do anything. i feel like i’m dead already. i have no income and no one will hire me because i’m over 35 and i have illnesses which are obvious and have been intensified by this whole situation. whose gonna help me??? obama i voted for you and now you never even mention a 99er. you just keep talking about a jobs plan while more people are laid off and the rich are pulling your strings. the way i see it it is pretty hopeless for all of us and those of you still with jobs, you won’t have them much longer. where are you god??? i want to go home…are the rest of you ready???

    god bless the world!

    1. im in the same boat as you three years been trying to find a job im 42 and homeless lost all hope all i think abought now is i wish for cancer or a heart attack to end my nightmare the end is near

  2. looking at that video the blatant disregard for anyone they can sit there a laugh at us they all need to go down i have more respect for the somalian pirates than i do these tyrants i dont know how much longer it’s going to take untill a gasket finally in the americans heads congress thinks we are a joke there not going to help anyone but themselves i read the the petition listpeople begging these parasites to help us and like i said the video speaks the truth when is the revolution going to start that’s the only question i have in my thoughts right now

    1. Hey, Brian. It ain’t gonna be long before the shit hits the fan. Too many of us are going through this shit and are finally waking up to the the fact that we are living in tyranny. I’ve been living with a relative, and she just gave me till Oct. 16th to find a job, or she’s gonna boot my ass out on the street. Nice, loving relative, huh ? There ain’t no fucking jobs, at least not for a 60 year old man. I’ve got no place else to go, so I’ll be joining ya soon, brother.

      1. hey clark we have alot in common you think your situation with your relatives are bad i have a sister right down the street from me i never hear from no moffer of help or anything when ever she needed me i was there she is a piece of shit my own drunk for a mother supported her with atleast 20 thousand dollars all i asked for is a shower every couple of days she turned her back on me now my brother isn’t talking to me he saids he’s enabling me aqnd everyone of them have a house or a big apartment and they let me sleep out in the street some family i hate them all i was always there for them and what do i get from them they turn there backs on me and my girlfriend left me a year ago wonder why im pissed off take care of yourself count on yourself i have learned an important lesson no one cares im the opposit i have help people and friends and when ask for help everybody disappears goodluck

        1. brian, ain’t that the fuckin’ truth. I’m the same way, bro. I’ve always been there for my family and friends, but it don’t seem to work the other way around. It got so bad my son went back to live with that bitch who calls herself his mother. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him. She’s got a job and can put a roof over his head, even though the reason he’s been livin’ with me the last 5 years, is she’s a neglectful piece of shit. But he’s 15 now and I’ve had 5 years to teach him how to be a man. Before he left he told me ” Don’t worry Dad, I can handle her. ” Anyway, I’ve lived out on the street before, but that was 35 years ago. Gotta brush up on my Kung Fu. Love ya, bro. Take care.

          1. hey clark where do you reside i feel your pain bro im 42 and cant get a job there is alot of discrimination going on with the age for us sorry abought you and your kid that really sucks never been married just listening to you abought your ex wife and even my own brother with his piece of shit of a wife his marriage is like war of the roses right now he’s trapped she wants to bury him and take everything he’s earned and destroy him she’s hooked on pills and she weights 80 pounds he is the reason and my father marriage to my drunken piece of shit for a mother is why i never got married there’s something i came up with instead of saying will you marry me they should change to will you bury me dont get me wrong i love women but they will kill you faster when you marry them let me know where you are i plan on hitching out of this hell hole maybe i’ll hook up with you on the road im thing of going some place warm either florida again or out west somewhere maybe ill see you take it lite

          2. Wow. The two of you sound like a combination of my Hubby and me. In a nutshell, We’ve had (are still having) the same experience with family and friends. Seems the “Golden Rule” only works one way with them. We also had the same experiences as y’all with ex-spouses and Hubby with his spouses neglect/abuse of his children . (Won’t go in to the ugly details) We both swore that we would Never get married/involved again. Then, in ’06 (at almost age 50) we met in my Mother’s front yard in Tx. (turned out his Mom lived in the house across the Street). The rest is history. All I can say is Be Patient, and Never say Never.
            PS- Clark lives in NC. I think he said that he’s pushing 60. Anyway, we’ve All been hammered by the Age Discrimination garbage.

          3. angel i hope i didn’t insult you in anyway because your a women not all women it just everyone of them iv’e been with want money and security i live in greenwich ct this is where the movie stars live and the corporate assholes are just a little angry peace out

    1. No worries. ­čÖé
      You should hear my Hubby go off on women (well justified, I might add).
      I’m not exactly your typical female anyway. I was the only child of a Fencing Master/Combative Sports Coach at, what was then, an all male University. Plus, all the students who lived around us only seemed to have sons, so I only had boys to play with. All my friends have always been guys. Dad raised me to hunt, fish, defend and take care of myself. Never was a material, girlie girl. Probably the reason I got financially and all around shafted in my first marriage (just like most guys.) I know the area, and the mentality of the people where you live. I grew up with that selfish, material, debutant BS and I’m in the middle of it now. (Among others, Jennifer Aniston bought a place 2 blocks away.) TX, CT,NY,LA, it’s all the same. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not so alone out there. Keep your head up.

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