7 thoughts on “Putin: 80-85% Bolsheviks Revolution were Jews.

      1. But that’s the thing: I don’t see Putin as my opponent. I see him as someone who’s throwing a monkey wrench into the neocon/Judeofascist plan for world domination. He’s an opponent of the same government that hates our freedom and wants to take away what’s left of it. I’m particularly grateful to Putin for providing the heroic Ed Snowden with asylum from those totalitarian bastards, regardless of the reasons why Putin did so.

  1. Watch the body language and dramatic pause following his claim that the vast majority of Soviet government people were Jews. No wonder Jews are fleeing Russia. Putin is making it very clear that Jews tried to destroy Russian Culture and Christianity — and failed.

    First he throws the rich Jewish Oligarchs in jail or runs them out of the country. Now this. The NWO is in trouble because pay backs are a bitch.

    1. Putin strikes me as a very intelligent man who is fully aware of how Jewish supremacists took over the US government (and, by extension, US puppets like the UK). He seems determined to prevent that from happening in his own country. And thank God for that. Can you imagine how much trouble the world would be in if Russia were just another puppet of the US and Israel?

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