11 thoughts on “Putin putins it to U.S., well, in so many words…

  1. Hmmmm,…

    Maybe we should start considering having Putin as our president,.. so long as he substitutes “American” & “America” every place he said “Russian” & “Russia”.

    JD – “America!” for “Americans!”,… WOW,.. what a unigue concept for Washington DC.

  2. Common sense,
    Someone told me i should learn how to speak spanish since the mexicans were becoming such a powerful group,
    Yea, right,
    There used to be a time when you had to be able to speak english to get your American citizenship, now it seems anyone who can get here can be a citizen. Sad, sad for all those who did the right thing to be American, now their struggles are being marginalized.
    Atlas will shrug.

  3. Putins words would be good for America to learn from in this case. Like this pic says “Welcome to OBAMAVILLE You didn`t build this I did”……………. Obama should be held responsible for what he built then. Obama should be taken through the ringer. Got a rope, I got the tree and the chimes .

    1. Digger,..if truth be told….Obsamma is just the latest figure head for the corrupt Zio/NWO takeover.
      We all lash out at whats the most convenient “monster” in this crap……..but this sympton and prognosis of our disease goes back to the start of our nation.

      We/…..even me love to blame O….but it has many more faces thru history……..not just him…he’s a fookin fool who never had a job and is a street punk faggot wit dreams of Stalinizm. Looks like he’d blow the skin flute a mile long just to be on TV.

      I challange any of y’all to read up on what past presidents have tried to, or succeeded in doing to our CONSTITUTION…Hell’s bell’s..bro…the Father of our Nation…..Old George himself was the first bastard to turn on the Republic…….go back and read about Shea’s Rebellion and such……..

      Obamaladen is just a run of the mill script player for these bastards..

      PS….I know y’all knew that and I was preaching to the choir for all the newbies 🙂

      PS again; He can send me that 5%……I could sure use it.

  4. If the Russians had a REAL HONEST vote tomorrow for a new leader, Putin would be gone. I love these clowns who vote themselves through fear into office, then espouse these so-called intelligent quotes and BS speeches..

    1. Good luck with an honest vote anywhere on the planet at this point Mark. As I’ve stated before, the time for a political solution has long since passed.

      1. I’m afraid your right Millard. The only honest solution at this point is that mile wide rock hurling towards planet earth at 26,000 MPH. I think i’ll call it “The Magic Touch”….

        1. Well Mark, since it’s very obvious that we cannot get a platform in the MSM to point out the treason that reeks from 99% of any elected official, we need to find a way to disrupt the airing of this verbal diarrhea or the struggle towards our goal will be that much more difficult. The Larry Pratt/Chris Matthews interview convinced me of that.

          1. How about this, If you do not speak , read, or write english those wet back foreigners are not welcome here and they either get out or it is open season on them f`ers. For or against america or get the f out. Like Putin said they are not welcome if they cannot be as the people of Russia are. So it should be in America. They should get the hell out or it is open season with no crime or penalities.

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