Quite Incredible! A 3-D “Home Position” Finder Without the Google Earth Hassles – Faster and Higher Res, too

Before It’s News

NO place to hide! Better, faster than Google Earth… and if I was the NSA I’d give it away free too…

Now, being a Conspiracy theorist, I don’t suspect a thing and am using this myself because it doesn’t have the big shaded areas you can’t see on Google Earth, it’s much faster and more accurate, with quite a bit of fun watching it show you places on way to the surround-video movie of your house, whatever.   

After opening the link below, type in the address you want slowly , letter by  letter, space by space, and  watch each time where it takes you.

Absolutely amazing!


Here’s a link straight to the download page…http://free.onlinemapfinder.com/installComplete.jhtml


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