Rand Paul the Manchurian Son

The masquerading being perpetrated by the neo-cons in pretending to be Tea Partiers and just regular folks is becoming more obvious every day.  I think the elitists realize that it just might be that Ron Paul cannot be stopped.  This being said, how much do you think they would be willing to spend to have an advocate for their money and power in the White House and close to President Paul?

Once again Rand Paul is coming forth to advocate the neo-con position and by God I’m going to address him today.  Rand Paul is pushing for an end to corporate taxation, identifying the corporate elite as the job creators, saying if we only will deregulate the corporations and make them pay zero tax they will offer us jobs.

Well I’ll tell you what you curly haired corporate whore, I don’t want a job.  I want a business.  Your good friends among the corporate elite have stolen our wealth and now they have bought and paid for you to make sure they keep it and also keep their exclusive in reference to having a business in the United States of America.

This little sleazebag does not speak to we the people.  You see he would have the corporations completely deregulated and allow them to continue to create profit from our resources with our only compensation being to be allowed to work for them at a slave wage.

The Constitution was not created for the benefit of incorporated monopolies.  It is indeed an insurance of freedom, liberty, and equality for the individual.  And the only way it is going to be put back in its proper place is for the people (human entities) to be deregulated and have the burden of income tax removed from them, so that the playing field can be leveled between individuals and those who form gangs (corporations/non-human entities) in order to get an unfair advantage over the individual man or woman, who wants to become an entrepreneur and experience the American dream.

I’ll put it for you in real simple terms.  The corporations do not want to compete with the individual citizen entrepreneurs, as it is in the real world a competition they cannot win.  And they have groomed and put into place Senator Rand Paul as a last resort for keeping their manipulation alive within our government.

Listen up Rand Paul, I’m going to tell you something you little neo-con bastard, when we take this Republic back we will put your neo-con ass on the deportation barge right along with the rest of the neo-cons and social communists in this government.  You and they will not get a pass just because your father is our president and does not want to prosecute his son’s treason.

We will hold Ron Paul to his promise to do our will.  So you had better start thinking about the millions of us out here who are not neo-cons and are dead set on their prosecution for the crimes they have been committing against us since that two-bit treasonous sleaze bag Ronald Regan began the new push for neo-con national socialism.

We are going to level the playing field and we are past caring who we have to knock down to do it.  So you tell your elitist buddies that they had better beware because there is a majority out here who are not going to tolerate their existence any further.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Rand Paul the Manchurian Son

  1. Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree, most likely because it was thrown out for being rotten fruit.

  2. Ron Paul seems very proud of his son. Frankly, I don’t care much for the father’s religious attitudes, and I’m wondering if he and his son are really a whole lot alike – the old man being a much better politician. Ron Paul has gotten a good backing – as Obama did – by telling the truth about the FED and an illegal tax system, but would he, once elected, do anything different? I’m not sure any president has the power to effect change – only people have that power – it’s called revolution, and I think that we will continue to be politically abused until we decide we’ve had enough and go after the perpetrators ourselves. This game is rigged against the working class to say the least. Unfortunately, we’re in a situation right now where most of this country haven’t got a clue what’s at stake which is why both parties continue to lie, cheat and steal as much as they possibly can – it’s on steroids. Their arrogance is in our face, but we seem to be paralyzed – how is it that we’ve allowed them to commit the crimes that they have and not only get away with it, but we pick up their tab? They’re having a grand ‘ol time while we passively tolerate their pursuits – next, they’ll have to let us know that in order to pay for their good times, WE will have to adjust to austerity programs that THEY devise which of course, won’t have any impact on them. Yesterday AM I was listening to this piece of excrement from the CATO Institute refer to the “producers and achievers” in this country – referring to the top 2% who inherited their wealth, as the only ones who should NOT be taxed so much. I’d like to suggest that the rest of us, the non-achievers, stop what we’re doing and see just exactly how much the so-called producers are accomplishing.

  3. “Rand Paul is pushing for an end to corporate taxation, identifying the corporate elite as the job creators, saying if we only will deregulate the corporations and make them pay zero tax they will offer us jobs.”
    Like father, like son. The quote above encapsulates the Libertarian mantra, does it not? Daddy Paul is no doubt of the same mind as his son, the “curly haired corporate whore.” Voting for any Libertarian is going to get you, Mr. and Mrs Smith of Anytown, USA, absolutely nothing, but Big Business will be happier than a pig in shit.

    1. Wrong. There is a pronounced difference between Rand Paul and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has said he will return to us our individual freedoms and liberties. There is a big difference between a Libertarian and a neo-con. Neo-cons push the cause of the filthy rich and the industrial war complex. Libertarians want an end to the wars and a return of personal liberties.
      Ron Paul also acknowledges the fact that taxing personal income is unlawful under the Constitution. And the main thing is Ron Paul has said as president that he will stay within the confines of the Constitution. That means he will work the will of the people. If we as individuals are freed of taxation and regulation and regain control of our resources, we can take care of the corporations ourselves.
      And when the time comes we will hold Ron Paul to his word, that is to say we will force him to bring the corporations into line, because under the Constitution a corporation, being a non-human entity, is inferior to the citizen.
      In short, these non-human entities do not have freeman rights under the Constitution, they are beneath us .And in truth this is the problem with our government. The corporations are violating the Constitution with the help of the traitors they have bought and paid for. Believe it or not hiring or buying our public officials to commit treason against us is unconstitutional.
      We don’t get our country back until we get our Constitution back as it is the document that grants us possession.
      We paid the money into Social Security and Medicare and if they want to end those programs, I and every other freeman out here, wants the money given back, which means the money is going to have to be taken back. Either Ron Paul will help us do this, or we will do it through war.
      I guess we just have to try the peaceful solution and it may very well fail. But when we go forth we will hold the moral high ground and be righteous in our cause.

    2. Wow, Steve, I’ve Never seen them as being “of the same mind” at all. Like Rick Perry and his father. They’re Yin and Yang in their thinking.

    3. Steve Cearfoss

      The younger crowd hates Rand Paul. They feel he is a corporate ass clown. Their words not mine. They love Ron Paul because he believes in the Constitution of the United States of America. The younger crowd, and the kids in the military are behind Ron Paul in a huge way. Believe it or not, young America has figured out, because of sites such as this, that reinstating the Constitution to all of its glory is the only way that America can be brought back to any kind of sanity.

      The younger crowd’s vote can and will change this thing, they get it. As long as the Constitution is obeyed in full, things will take care of themselves. Getting rid of the Fed will take care of 98% of the problems.

      Obey the Constitution verbatim, problems are over. That’s what Ron Paul stands for, and thats what we stand for. Simple.

    4. This is from Ron Paul’s campaign website under The Issues – Economy

      The severe economic crisis America has experienced over the past several years, including growing inflation, rising gas prices, trillion-dollar budget deficits, immoral bailouts, and the ever-declining value of the dollar, is just the tip of the iceberg if our nation does not immediately change course.

      As the crash approached, Ron Paul was heavily criticized by the establishment media and even many of his fellow Republicans because he would not back down from his warnings about where big government policies were leading America.

      When those warnings came true, however, our President and leaders in Congress didn’t let the crisis “go to waste” and used it as an excuse to expand government intervention and power on an unprecedented level.

      Excessive spending, artificial credit, and market manipulation crashed our economy, and no one should be surprised that these same policies continue to prolong the suffering for millions of Americans.

      We need a President who is not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to restore America’s economy and guarantee future prosperity.

      As President, Ron Paul will lead the way out of this crisis by:

      * Vetoing any unbalanced budget Congress sends to his desk.

      * Refusing to further raise the debt ceiling so politicians can no longer spend recklessly.

      * Fighting to fully audit (and then end) the Federal Reserve System, which has enabled the over 95% reduction of what our dollar can buy and continues to create money out of thin air to finance future debt.

      * Legalizing sound money, so the government is forced to get serious about the dollar’s value.

      * Ending the corporate stranglehold on the White House.

      * Driving down gas prices by allowing offshore drilling, abolishing highway motor fuel taxes, increasing the mileage reimbursement rates, and offering tax credits to individuals and businesses for the use and production of natural gas vehicles.

      * Eliminating the income, capital gains, and death taxes to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money and are able to pass on your legacy to your family without government interference.

      * Opposing all unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

      These are just a few of the steps we can take to put America back in place as the world’s leading economy. Taking a stand for these principles has often been a lonely fight in Congress for Ron Paul, but, now more than ever, our nation needs a President who will champion sound money, responsible spending, lower taxes, and free market enterprise.


      1. Rand Paul being the son of Ron Paul is the scareist part of Ron’s run. The expression: ” like father like son” is scary. Something is very wrong about this. I could support Ron a %100, but then there’s his son talking about things and speaking about polices that no one would ever support. He should do his father a favor and shut up! He is a disaster and a total wacko, I’m sorry that poor Ron has this ghost in his closet. Ashamed of him he should be. What a total selfish MF jerk.

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