6 thoughts on “Rape Whistle

  1. AS MOST americans have come to realize,WE HAVE FOREIGN TROOPS everywhere in america,and their not here for a birthday party,THE CHINESE are bragging we have enough troops to take america down,cause they will run out of ammo before we run out of troops,…IN A VISION FROM THE LORD,I saw a RED DAWN attack on america with not the least bit of warning,AND FOREIGN TROOPS were everywhere,driving into towns all over america and shooting everyone they saw,the whole country was caught by TOTAL SURPRISE,but we americans who are watching won’t be caught empty handed,don’t go anywhere without your best battle rifle at your side every second,FROM NOW ON,or you’ll be wishing you had…………….

  2. FOR at least 40 years ,I’ve had visions of WAR in the streets of america,I’ve watched nuclear bombs falling on cities,and completely destroying them,I stood on the beach of new york city,and for as far as I could see in every direction,there was nothing,small bits of rubble,that was all that was left,I saw a rocket hit phoenix, ariz…the entire VALLEY was destroyed,nothing but dirt,and what was left of roads,the cities around phoenix were all gone in one big flash,..THE LORD says 30 cities will be nuked,and from the gulf of mexico,to hudson bay canada,will be a giant canyon,100’s of miles wide,many states will disappear into the hole,and then the ocean will flow in on you,THIS ain’t no joke,if you live in a BIG city leave now,or if you live anywhere near the mississippi river move now,your out of time ,GO NOW…………………

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