2 thoughts on “Real Life Idiocracy in America – The Obama Effect

  1. No really, I truly believe now that Mark Dice rigs these videos, or stages them just so he can prove his own agenda that Americans are as stupid as he wants to show them to be. Those one or two who get it correct as put in so he can prove they aren’t rigged.

    I call shananigans a lot, and I’m calling shananigans on you, Mr. Dice! Those one or two folks who got it right as added just to make the video seem legit. But like one guy says, who cares? Some call Obama Communist and some call him Fascist, but he’s just a tool for the bankster oligarchs, no matter what party he’s in…I mean, does it really matter what party he’s in? Hell NO!

    1. Yep, I agree with you on that one. As I’ve said before, look who he interviews. All low-lifes and illegal Mexicans. They don’t make up the general population by a long shot. The people he picks aren’t random and he goes to a place where most idiots go. Why doesn’t he go into the city and talk to REAL people? I’m sure it would be different. Oh yea, that’s right. He would get arrested like he almost did on a college campus. So he is forced to get his information from the proles, thus misleading the audience and making his polls inaccurate.

      He’s just another traitor like AJ and the fact that he is friends with him again after all AJ did to him and that they are using each other for media gain, just proves my point.

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