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Everyday I check the weather. Its fun to me. I check the earthquake maps. I check the radar maps. I check the radiation maps. I check the space weather sites. I check ocean currents and wind conditions. Yes FTTWR is one of my ‘weather’ sites as well. From underground to outer space I like to monitor what is happening.

I recently came across a new site(to me) called . In my opinion this is one of the best real time weather map sites I’ve ever found and I want to share it with everyone at FTTWR.,38.85,1024

This link is where I start from in my bookmarks but you can see the whole globe if you choose.

What this map can show is wind, temp, and currents from a few different elevations by clicking on the ‘earth’ logo. This opens a window to change settings. It took me a few days to get use to the interaction so don’t get too frustrated at first. Its very simple.


4 thoughts on “Real Time Weather Map

  1. Thanks for the post * link, Nottobitter. This map is also interactive, and you don’t need to see the numerical temps. This site replaces my weather rock.

  2. Awhile back Dutchsince had a page I broke up, and have been editing and tuning. I published them on the web here
    You can right click and save the Earthquake/Sun, Radiation, and Weather pages to your own disk, then point to them on your own drive.

    Be fast though, cause just yesterday they wanted to kill my free site for “inactivity” LOL… I published online cause I was loading OS’s on different computers and publishing a couple things I use on several boxes.

    If it helps anyone get started Bravo. It’s hand code all in the old Fravia style of having a start page located on your on Disk. e.g. Which may or may not help ya.. Personally I can’t live without it, and it’s also a great way to kill off the planned new ad’s in firefox to boot.

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