Remarks by the First Lady at Roundtable Discussion with High School Students

Brown V. Board of Education Historical Site Topeka, Kansas 4:22 P.M. CDT

MRS. OBAMA:  I thought it would be really cool to talk to – students who were here.  That’s why we got to –- with all of you.  

One of the –- a new initiative that I started just this past month is called Reach Higher.  And one of the things that I’m trying to do to support the President’s North Star goal is to make sure that the United States has the most educated workforce in the world once again –- is to really try to reach out to young people and stress the importance of finishing high school and getting an education beyond high school, whether that’s professional training, four-year college, two-year community college.  It’s just going to be essential for you guys to succeed in an ever-globalizing economy, to have that kind of education.

And I hear that you guys are already way into that.  You’re good.  You’re focused, right?

MS. NILSEN:  Going to college.

MRS. OBAMA:  That’s a good thing.  But I’m really –- what helps me in these initiatives is to really hear from students like you to find out what are your hopes, how do you think about college, what do you think about life there –- and so forth.  What are some of the challenges that you face?  What are some of the questions you have of somebody like me who might be able to do something about something, or talk to a guy that could maybe do something about something?

So I really just want to hear from you.  See what’s on your minds, what’s working for you, what are you afraid of, what are some of the concerns.

5 thoughts on “Remarks by the First Lady at Roundtable Discussion with High School Students

  1. My goodness gracious! The First ???’s position is shocking!
    Did her mother never tell her to “sit like a lady”. (We can only imagine why that critical part of all girls’ proper home training was not even considered for this individual.)

    If the quotations are accurate, maybe “she” needs to be brought up to speed on manners appropriate to the position “she” occupies. Amy Vanderbilt, Emily Post, Letitia Baldridge… where are you? Certainly none of their legacies of gracious comportment are evident anywhere in this arrogantly barbaric administration.

  2. This first, what ever you call her, needs to hush up and scrub a toilet, do laundryin,clean the oven,etc.,etc… What an embarassment. So sick of these fools tryingin to look, act, and sound so cool as if they are trying to relate to the people. Why don’t you try for once behaving as an example. I won’t hold my breath. Actually, why don’t you just go away, and take the morons who love you with you.

  3. Throwing “pearls to the swine” kind of thing, as if she really gave a damn or could even understand anything she might be told.

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