Rescued at the Point of A Gun: Second Video Confirms Militarized, Warrantless Boston Raids

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Several days ago we posted a video depicting law enforcement officials forcing homeowners out of their residences at gun point as they searched for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Because the video was not an official, state-sponsored release through mainstream media channels, we were lambasted for publishing false information. Some readers via social media, our commenting forums and email suggested that nothing of the sort happened in Watertown, Massachusetts. They accused this web site, as well as (where we sourced the video), and other alternative media publishers of posting footage of an unrelated incident and summarily dismissed the shocking evidence.  

For many, the notion that police, armed like military personnel, would raid homes in suburban U.S. neighborhoods with brute force and without regard for fourth amendment Constitutional protections such as warrants or probable cause, was something they simply couldn’t wrap their heads around.

Thus, alternative media was once again dismissed by many as peddling conspiracy theories.

So, for those who require their daily directives and talking points from ‘trusted’ mainstream media sources, we offer up a second video as evidence that not only did police and military personnel roll armored vehicles down city streets in America in a de facto state of martial law, but they actively entered the homes of hundreds of residences without permission, warrant or regard for the most fundamental laws of our land.

In traditional mainstream media style, note that the 7News reporter claims that as these dramatic events played out and the pattern was repeated “house after house”, the SWAT teams were actually “rescuing” residents who were hunkered down in their homes:

Each time the SWAT team would rescue a family at the point of a gun, they would rush into the home in an armed line, guns ready in case the suspect was hiding inside.

That’s what we’re calling it now… “being rescued.”

11 thoughts on “Rescued at the Point of A Gun: Second Video Confirms Militarized, Warrantless Boston Raids

  1. The people of Massachusetts surrendered long ago, they have no right to complain. The government which protects them will also control them.

  2. OMG!!! I literally want to take a gun and shoot every one of these assholes being interviewed. I cannot CANNOT believe I’m living in a country filled with COMPLETE AND UTTER MORONS LIKE THESE PEOPLE!!! The characters in the movie, “Idiocracy” have more brains than these people. WTF!!!! How much did they get paid for this?

    If this is the world I’m going to live in, GET ME OFF THIS GODDAMN PLANET BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE!!! This is beyond sick!!! I WANT MY FREEDOM AND RIGHTS BACK DAMMIT!! And I will shoot these cowardly bastards if I have to in order to do it!!

    The woman being interviewed said, “It was terrifying but every single one of them apologized for the inconvenience. It’s like I’m so happy they are doing their job.”


    They pointed a gun at you, you stupid Bitch!



    It’s like saying, “My leg was just blown off because they were shooting up the place and traumatizing my family and kids, but every one of them apologized, so it’s OK and I’m so happy they are doing their job. I really am.”


    This reminds me of that commercial in the video game Grand Theft Auto III called, “Liberty City Survivor”:

    “We put two ex-cons put them on an island and give them all the weapons they can handle and watch them blow each other away. Listen to the reviews: ‘I was so excited, I didn’t even know I’ve been shot!'”

    This is the kind of mentality we have in this country today. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

    1. Aw man NC, I`m glad that I got my barf bucket clean and ready to use cause I got that funny feelin` like I gotta use it again after watching that video. OH OH, here it comes. Is this what they call cleaning the system out because the puke has been flowin`, LOL. Before ya know it NC I will be a professional bucket cleaner LOL. Yep NC those types make me sick too.

      1. Well digger, after watching the video my bile bucket overflowed. Shouldn’t there be a law against people too stupid to live?

  3. It is truly unfortunate that so few people pay any attention to what they see right before their eyes!
    Please notice the “helmet cams” worn by these jackbooted thugs.These militarized police and DHS agents recorded the contents and whereabouts of every home entered. They have a high resolution video they can refer to to do additional searches of each home entered at gun point. I understand that more than 100,000 dwellings were entered and the contents recorded. Obviously, they can come back later to take the guns and anything else they want…as they have a good idea of who owns what.

    This is insane!

  4. Any word on whether the guns were loaded? Word is they were not at the RNC in Tampa…. Would Big Sis trust AMERICANS with loaded weapons????

    What a cluster++++.

    Are there any real MEN in Boston instead of a collection of emasculated metro-wimps?

    To all 9,000 militarized what-evers involved… who allegedly swore to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic… you all get the Benedict Arnold Award for treason and cowardice… sold your souls to the devil for a paycheck. (You are on the blue list for sure.)

    Better dead than red.

    1. I’d like to know where the Boston Militia and the Oathkeepers were in all of this? They were supposed to be there and instead that sat back and watched it all happen. What good are they if they don’t show up when the people need them? I’m pissed by that. I don’t care what anyone says. What good is an oath if you don’t follow through on it? What good are the militias and their training if they don’t show up for the fight? It’s time to take these foreign insurgents out before they take us out.

    2. Bleh,It wasnt the pigwoman jaynut that banned BULLETS AT THE selection ceremonEy it was the AFRICAN who made/demanded the US MILITARY REMOVE THE BOLTS ,THATS BOLTS WITH A B from their weapons and still they MARCHED LIKE TIN FKN SOLDIERS.

  5. Hey guys, in September I had managed to restrain my attacker who assaulted me and my wife and called dispatch and told them that I had him all gift wrapped for the Round Rock Police when they arrived. However, when the police came to my apartment (4 police cars and 6 police officers) they were threatening me and even tased me.

    But hey, guess what? They apologized afterwards and I guess I should be thankful for them because I was “RESCUED” by them! I mean they tasered me and I could of had a heart attack from the taser and my wife was terrified by it all, but hey, at least they apologized for the inconvenience. Hey, “it’s like I’m so happy they are doing their job. I really am.” It left a traumatizing mark that will be with me and my wife for the rest of our lives, but hey, at least we know they were “doing the right thing and trying to secure the apartment complex.”

    Does anyone else see how completely insane this all sounds if I truly meant that?

    God help these people! They need more than a taser to shock any sense into them.

  6. Kool it girls if you have not noticed the agitators have been all over this and other sites , they are trying to incite violence so they can enhance their lockdowns and confront those who who have the balls to say no or, the job incentive to try and start a shooting match,which would play right into the hands of oholes minions.
    Last week demonstrates we me have some infighting within our fearless leaders should be interesting to see how it pans out. There was only one goal here and that was accomplished
    LOCK EM DOWN and MAKE tHEM SUBMIT on national tv.
    MY goal is to make that totally unacceptable and refuse to co-operate
    A “tank man” (Tenimen sq. see john rappaport) on every block.
    There is reason the 100 lb. jockey or the 60 pound kid on the buffalo is the MFIC and if you think this is the result of force get back on the couch and suck on brewsky and see if you can maintain power over the remote
    /semper fi fellow jarheads. And fellow american spread the word its jour best chance
    Some good S2 could shut down or CF..k future ops like this

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