Ricin Letters Sent To US Senator And President Obama, Suspicious Package In Senate Building

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

More: US Capitol Police say they’re responding to a suspicious package in the Hart Senate Office Building – @BNPolitics

More: Current FBI assessment is that there is no link between letters sent to President, Sen. Wicker and events in Boston – @NBCNews   (just like 9-11 and the anthrax attacks)  

**  Report: Suspicious letter sent to President Obama; link to ricin letter investigated – @NBCNewYork**

Secret Service: Letter to Obama received at screening facility contains ‘suspicious substance’ – @NBCNews

Report: 2nd letter sent to the US Senate tests positive for the poison ricin –@ABC‘s @TerryMoran

This story is breaking I will have more information as it breaks.

This is so like 9-11 now its not even funny.  I guess they figure what worked the first time would work a second time?

Over the  last 24 hours, its almost as if guerilla warfare is taking place in America.  Perhaps the second american civil war has begun?  


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