3 thoughts on “Ridiculous smoke in northern Oregon

  1. Tell me about it.

    We had heavy smoke for almost a week, then it went away for the last two days.

    Woke up this morning to the same damn sh#t… CR@P!!!

  2. This was in the Pendleton, Oregon area. It gets worse the more south you go.

    This is some nasty sht, came in from Idaho, came from gorgeous , to hell on earth. Cant believe how bad this is. This is probably one of our most beautiful states, not anymore!

  3. We got an east wind yesterday that socked in Western Washington. It ain’t any better today.

    Psst. I don’t know why this area has not exploded like the rest-o-the-west. I just hope we stay un-ignited. We only have the ocean to run to, and I can’t swim!

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