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    1. Thanks #1, I had a few of his albums too. I am suprised that people never seem to listen to or even know who Robin Trower is even. Yea #1 , brings old memories for sure.

  1. 90% of the songs I play/sing at the local upscale pubs is original music I write. But I do copy a song if it really hits my heart….this isone of the songs I copied and play and people love it..and altho I have done it with electric guitar, now I play this song on a 12 ibanex 12 string acoustic…I had a couselor tell me that my guitar is my weapon 🙂 thanks for posting this song…
    Altho I do it on 12 string now, I did record my music with electric guitar. I did all instruments and vocals..I hope this link works. There are other songs I recorded if ya like but bridge of sighs is the fourth song on the list…

    1. Nice, hweinhard! If you’re going to copy, copy the best. This one always has been my favorite.

      On a side note, I used to play guitar when I was a teen. Didn’t play for decades, then decided to take it up again. Bought a beautiful Gibson J45, the flame colored one, and started taking lessons. After about 6 months of those, I got nailed with a collapsed lung and had to have surgery, during which they removed a portion of my upper left lung. Took me close to 3 months to heal completely, and I could barely even pick up the guitar, let alone play it during that time. Ended up selling it about 8 months ago. Beautiful instrument. I miss it now.

  2. The first time I saw Trower,
    was at the Capital center 1974.
    He and Frank Zappa were billed.
    Trower comes to the upstate S.C.
    occasionally. Alethea and
    Too Rolling Stoned are special too.
    The Trower “LIVE” album is one of his best.
    He has a website and is still touring,
    the last I looked.
    What gets me is these guys age at
    tremendous pace.
    Most likely the hard life they lead.
    Traveling has got to age a person more than
    anything else.
    Not to mention it’s been forty plus years too.
    Case in point; look at Mark Knopfler.
    Alas, we’re all getting older …
    Just some of us do it more gracefully
    than others……..
    It’s got to get real boring for them to be playing
    a lot of these songs all these years.

    1. Never saw Trower, but I did see Zappa. Hands down THE best guitarist I’ve ever seen, including the likes of Jimi Page, Pete Townsend, and Eddie Van Halen.

      He like to play around and do a lot of off-key stuff, but when he got serious, he SHREDDED on the guitar. A true musical genius, he was proficient at playing 17 different musical instruments.

      He is sorely missed in the rock world.

      1. it was good to read that you knew zappa was a great axe man…saw him and mothers of invention in 67..central park..where I would later see and hear zeppelin..for all of 2.50 cents..the whole 1st lp done live..note fer note..place was half empty..cause the morons didn’t know who they were..that first lp still packs a sonic brilliance…page knew what he was doing…

      2. Hey #1–While I do agree with your list of “greatest guitarists”; you should have also listed David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd (unless you only listed people you saw perform). I saw Pink Floyd’s final “Pulse” tour at Clemson University Death Valley Stadium in 1994. Fortunately, I could afford to pay a 50% mark-up price to have a Clemson student stand in line to get the tickets.

        1. Correct, inretrospect. I only listed those I’ve seen. In the case of The Who, I saw them twice. The first time was the year before Keith Moon died. That was one of my top three all-time favorite concerts. Best light show I’ve ever seen, too. The second time was at the Coliseum in L.A., on The Kids Are Alright tour in ’89, but Daltry’s voice was rough and cracking, not their best stuff.

          Never had a chance to see Pink Floyd, though. Never in the right place at the right time, I guess. My youngest brother had a chance, but blew it. He had tickets for he and his girlfriend to see The Wall. There were only 7 shows here, and 7 in N.Y. Had good seats,too. The week before the concert, he was playing a ‘friendly’ game of football with some high school buddies, got hit running down the field, and nearly destroyed the ligaments in his left knee. He had to have surgery, and was in a cast from his ankle up to his hip.

          Needless to say, he didn’t make the concert.

  3. ah..those were the daze when their were bands that played great live music..like ten years after..etc…less you forgot..trower had great credentials..lead guitar for procol harum..too this day I think their 3rd lp..A SALTY DOG..a masterpiece..and the devil did come from Kansas or dc…robin tried to fill the void left by that black guy with the guitar..a good power trio..and bridge of sighs..great song..do you know what its about? I do…there is a live from Germany procol harum dvd that I got for 5 dollars..its great cause Mathew fisher is playing with them..but not trower..he left after mat left I do believe…salty dog has to be one of the crapy lp covers ever printed…again never judge a book by its cover..all the songs seem to deal with the sea..oh and less not forget west,bruce and lange…im still looking for the cd versions..and one big mystery of cd land..there is no johhny winter and…cd..this contained rock and roll kitchy koo…lol…

    1. Yep, ole Johny and Edger Winter, yes. Was goimg to post some of that too. 🙂 .
      Remember Billy was a Mountain and Mud shark somg by Zappa, yea geeze memorize for sure, I seen Zappa in Eau Claire, Wi. and only paid a dpllar or so for a ticket back in the day. Yes, they do not make music like they usedn – at6 leasst rarely any more guys. 😉

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