Roger Whittaker ~ New World In The Morning

Uploaded on Mar 26, 2011 by TheOldrecordclub

This lovely song by “Roger Whittaker” only got to number 17 in the UK charts in 1970,and i thought it would be a nice song to upload for a Sunday,what with all the terrible things thats going on in the world at this moment in time.

10 thoughts on “Roger Whittaker ~ New World In The Morning

    1. yes…it’s a piece of music that’s remained true to it’s roots
      and when I was being let out of the Army in Ft Dix NJ…it was a top hit on the pop charts in the US/..(1970)
      still to day, it’s a fresh piece of musical greatness..
      perhaps before too many weeks i can deliver some of my own good stuff on the steel-guitar…no am not a conventional player..(of the steel, don;t drag many notes).am though, a life long musician since the age of six, with a background of years of enjoyment of music….on various 3, instruments….were I to be asked just before my being gone, what’s my take on life’s experiences….I’d say MUSIC….by far….perhaps you would say that also

      1. Perhaps rbeason. I should have stayed into playing music too, but as ya might expect about me, I got off on a less desireable path I guess.. Yea, that was a good post there rbeason. 🙂

  1. Damn, digger…just had a special reply …as have been out of touch…and lets see…and forgot to go through the motions of ….Leave a Reply and the whole thing has been erased…we.ll..Most important I had to say was this…It is never too late to bring yourself back to the music world of performing until after the funeral…then, it’s too late…I encourage you to pick up on your level no matter where it was, of music, and sort-of begin a new…That’s a part of music also..Beginning…I am not know in your heart all that’s required and you love music and if you were in it before…then,,,want a lift? Have Henry give you my email…you are welcome to it…Music, belongs, Music is, even before words, and Music is after spoken words also…It Just is…Hearts know that with out speaking….bless you

    1. Awe Thanks for the support rbeason thanks man.
      Naw, That was just in 6th grade band class ya know.Now I just like to listen. However thanks for your support though rbeason. yea I do love misic though my friend.
      Yes rbeason, I sure was a idiot back then ya know. partying psychadelics and all. ya know that freak movement thing back then 😉
      Yes I did a real bang up job doing that I did

      1. you are too hard on yourself digger…
        you know what that means…?
        you are ready to pick up
        fact is over due, in the privacy of your own mind and being…so….and you are nor myself, are dead!
        SO….play that Roger Whittaker song again…or many others you enjoy….and have a new world in the morning….you can still have my email….I said so to Henry….

        1. Ya know what rbeason, I will listen to that Roger Whittaker song again.
          Yea that is a good song I think and I will do that right now 😉
          Yea just got done listening toit again and it is a good song – Ya know rbeason that that was the 3 or 4th time now listening to that one. Yes, I could dream on that one I think 😉 and that does say a lot from me and my night terror dreams ya know. I could use some good simple dreams and good sleep for once again ya know rbeason.
          Yes maybe Henry could send me your mail address and I will get back to ya. 🙂
          Wouldn`t hurt none I am sure. you would have mine then too by me getting back to ya ya know rbeason 😉

          Geeeze, I was in a percision band back in the 60`s went to th nationals in philadelphia and we took 11 th place in the country back in the day. imagin that – haven`t thought of that in many many years.

  2. Damn happened to me again….I write from a lap top…Stupid me….well it trashed my comment, just now…
    what i said was, there still is a new world in the morning. for all! God is not that a bold statement. But True…Tomorrow comes. None of us has that in toe!
    so it is…a new world in the morning….
    music…is I believe before much written language of mankind…
    and needs little explanation…as think it was…Count Basie who said about music…if It sounds good, it is good!…..meaning forget about the calendar regarding its time frame…good music is good music….

      1. you know digger, I personally, am so grateful, so filled with living, from our maker..and I am not religious, I think. spiritual yes, but not religious even though, through my own choice my first year of college fall of 1963 was at Concordia College, Moorehead Min…then I transfered to Uof M Mont…my home state…No one payed my way..I payed…that fact I hold against nobody…
        lets get to music…
        my parents did this…by the age (MY) six,,,and they were young people. my mom and dad were 18 when i came about, AND they had me attend private music lessons…you know what,,that was 25miles away in the country,(a very fine lady musician lived out in the country also) cause our farm was out of town 40 miles. We had no elec. no running water, no indoor plumbing…and suppose didn’t care, either…Ever day began with the sun rise and ended with the sunset…
        and all of god’s creatures were right out the door and there was only one door…the front door…
        what I am saying…love does not come in boxes…for anyone…those in the cities have an equal tale of themselves just as valid as this I am recalling…
        So! Beauty! Love! belong to no-one..but to all of us…
        when we share it …then it becomes real…

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