Ron Paul Must Make a Stand on Illegal Immigration

I have a correction to make for a previous article.  I reported that the Obama gang had purchased a Men-in Black bus to transport Barry’s personal body guards.  I stand corrected.  The fact is a fleet of busses were purchased, one for Prince Soetoro and several others for his entourage.  I think we could have used that money more effectively in buying a fleet of busses to run 24 hours a day moving illegals back across our southern border.  But that will never happen as Barry is counting on those illegal votes to propel him into another four years in destroying our country.

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret that will soon become an obvious fact.  The international corporate mafia has already decided on the structure of our government through 2016.  If Rick Perry is elected president it will be through no reflection of the will of we the people.  At the last Bilderberg meeting the elitists made their decision.  Maybe this is why Obama is doing nothing and why, when  his so called new jobs plan is introduced, we are going to see nothing but more of the same.

Hasn’t this been the staging of the play for the past fifty years through the false left-right paradigm?  They put people from the false left into our White House and Congress, who steal our wealth and chip away at our Constitution from one angle.  It takes us about four to eight years to identify the attack.  They then come out with their people from the phony right, who offer themselves as the remedy to the attack from the phony left.  And as soon as they are put into power they start stealing our wealth and chipping away at our Constitution from another angle, never putting back that which was removed by the previous bunch of traitors.

This is the reason I am so angry that no politician, including Ron Paul and the so called new batch of conservatives, are counter attacking the latest blatant attack on our Constitution perpetrated by the communist Barry Soetoro.  This so called back door amnesty is an impeachable offence, yet no one will talk about it because they are afraid of offending the Hispanic community.

Dr. Paul needs to realize it is not the Hispanic community who is going to put him into office, but rather it is the American people of the American race, who are having their country stolen from them through the illegal invasion and the failure to enforce the law, who will make him president.

I want to hear Ron Paul come forward and tell we the American people that he will repeal Obama’s executive order and implement new orders to enforce our immigration laws with an attitude of zero tolerance.

I have heard him say that he believes churches that aid and harbor these foreign insurgents should not be held accountable under the law for their actions.  With all due respect as one of your staunchest supporters, Dr. Paul, I tell you this is a violation of the 1st Amendment guarantee of separation of church and state.  Churches cannot have immunity from prosecution for harboring enemy insurgents.

I will state that Dr. Paul is entitled to his personal opinion but to allow any portion of our society to operate outside of our laws is a hypocrisy that leads for others to seek such privileges.  Are we to have true equality or degrees of equality measured through social standings?  Is this not the very socialism that we have vowed to remove from our county?

I will soldier on in the hope that Dr. Paul has not looked at this situation constitutionally through unbiased eyes yet.  And I will ask the question, if he does hold some love for these invaders who are taking the real property of we the legal citizens of this country, where does his bias lie, hence where is it rooted?  If Ron Paul betrays our trust it must be war because war is all that will be left if we want to avoid slavery.

This country belongs to we the people and to tell us that we should treat with invaders bent on our destruction in any friendly way is unacceptable.  Dr. Paul, if you want the Hispanic vote have at it.  But if you want the vote of the American people of the American race stand true to our cause which is not the cause of illegal immigration into our country.

Make note sir, we follow you only as long as you follow and serve our Constitution and the laws contained therein.  And be clear our Constitution is for us, not the people of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, or any other foreign sovereign nation.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Must Make a Stand on Illegal Immigration

  1. Henry,
    Glad to see you are not Star Struck by Ron. I make a simple statement about Ron not mentioning what his plan is for the plight of the 99ers and you attack me saying I’m looking for a hand out instead of the job I want. I’d also like to hear what his plan for job growth may be, not just grand idea’s about going back to the pioneer days when each man built his own house and hunted for his own food or the same old end the Fed line.

    1. It’s not just about Ron Paul fixing every one of our damn problems James, it’s about bringing some sort of sanity back to the white house. Our problems will fix themselves once he is planted firmly and brings back the Constitution. What, you think that everything is going to be fixed overnight?

      If Ron Paul was to be elected tomorrow, it would take years to get this slop house of a country fixed.

      1. Yeah, Mark. Let’s change the bulb in the under-hood light for starters just to shed a little light on the work area. Then let’s just change the spark plugs first and troubleshoot from there.We’ve been lettin’ her sit far too long.

        1. James,

          I understand your disgust, angst, and frustration. You are not the Lone Ranger on that one!

          There is an old saying:

          “Rome was not built in a day”

          I remind that neither was it destroyed in a day. Nor was it destroyed from outside. It fell due to internal avarice, corruption permitted to grow to fatal proportion by the indifference of the cleverly placated populace.

          Is this not also true on all counts of the great nation we were lucky enough to be born in?

          Then I offer this:

          Nor can it be rebuilt in a day.

          Patience and resolve are prerequisite if there is to be any hope of recovery from this situation. I respectfully suggest that you consider this line of thought.

  2. But at times you guys act like Ron’s the second coming, I support him for sure for his constutional position, but to get elected he needs to address current issues now, that is what the nation is looking for, not a long term fix, people are hurting now! We need some short term answers in addition to long term solutions. I just hope the debates seriously get down to what are the candidates thoughts about NOW! But at times it seems to be a way of saying F-U to the whole system, and on that point I agree. At the very least we should support this man as the only way out of this mess.

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