Gaddafi’s Libya Going Down, Who is Next?

Reports out of Libya are saying that the Al Qaeda insurgents are in Tripoli and that the Libyan government is on the verge of collapse.  Well they had better be.  We need to get this Libyan thing wound up so that we can get busy with Syria.

I used to think that the powers that be thought we the people to be stupid.  Now I realize they do not care what we think.  I think the propaganda the mainstream is putting out is more for the peoples of other countries around the world than for the purpose of deceiving the US citizens.  I can safely say I know no one now who believes anything coming out of the mainstream media.  However the rest of the world must be having a good laugh on us, thinking that we actually believe this pathetic attempt at propaganda.

If the Libyan government and Gaddafi do fall we will begin to see the truth of what actually occurred in Libya trickle out.  In examining the information getting past the government screening, I have to believe we have been responsible for causing the mass deaths of tens of thousands of Libyan civilian men, women, and children through bombing and cutting off food and water.  I’m sure there is a lot of disease to be associated with this catastrophe also.

At this point any sane Christian American should be praying that there is no God because it would seem that the best we can hope for is a swift judgment and punishment.  You would expect that good Christian Americans would be crying out in outrage over the unwarranted actions being perpetrated by our government.  The true Christians are and of course their voices are being silenced by the sadists that are controlling our communications.

They want us to believe that Christiandom USA consists of 30,000 idiots worshiping at the feet of the sadist Rick Perry, who can claim about as much communication with Christ as Jim Baker, whose motivations were on a par with Perry’s – money and power.

No people, I believe our illegitimate president is preparing to get us into another illegitimate conflict, which could very well turn into a world war as our Jewish masters seem to be preparing the stage for an invasion of the sovereign country of Iran, which is bound to spread around the world.  So get ready as the Queen and her Jewish bankers will soon be calling upon every province for conscripts to go forth and die for the cause of elitist greed.

God pity us.

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  1. I think gas is going to be pretty cheap next year. Now we have Iraqi oil at our price, Kuwait owes their very existance to us and had better do what we say, and soon Libya will be dancing to our beat. Saudi Arabia will soon have no choice but to lower the cost or we will simply not buy their oil. And by the way, I hear the youth in the Kingdom are not that happy with the King either, could be next to go. Plan is all coming together.

  2. james byrnes,
    You need to throw away that pair of rose colored glasses you are looking through. Once all of the once-stable governments in the Middle East have been disrupted and or overthrown, the Jews will invade Iran and the entire Muslim world is going to turn against us, which is to say they are not going to be selling us any oil. To think we can starve them is ridiculous. They will simply get what they want from us through China, which is where all of our raw resources are going, further strengthening China and weakening us.
    Our only salvation lies in the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution, either through electing Ron Paul or out and out war.
    The propagandists will use this bullshit in Libya, acting like we are witnessing the liberation of South Carolina in order to facilitate invasion into Syria. And don’t forget the millions of Muslims who have somehow made their way into our country through the Israeli backed multi-culturalism.
    Every day we stand by waiting for someone to do something, more invaders poor into our country. Unless we take measures to at least slow down the flow, Ron Paul’s election is going to become a mute point as there is going to be nothing left of our country to save.
    Think about what Obama just did in granting amnesty to millions of illegals through a doctorial proclamation. These sons of bitches are running amok and nobody is saying a goddamn thing about it, except us. I don’t care who gets pissed at me, this is a fucking invasion and I’m going to scream invasion at the top of my lungs.

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