Russia Mobilizes Troops Toward Border with Turkey: “Combat Alert”

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A serious development in Russia today as President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s Southern Military District to Combat Readiness near Turkey’s Border.  Put bluntly, Russia is preparing for war.

“In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin, today from five o’clock in the morning the troops of the Southern Military District, the individual components of Airborne Troops and military transport aircraft are on alert, Complete. ” said General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.  

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Constantine Sivkov, told SuperStation95, the sudden inspection of troops does not mean war preparations. “Our troops were moved, but mobilization of a military district is not a clear indication of war” Sivkov said.

“However, right now in the Middle East there is a risk of a serious military conflict with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States” said the expert. In his view, the risk of a military conflict is high.

However, military expert Pavel Felgenhauer  believes otherwise. According to him, ordering combat readiness of the Southern Military District is not accidental. “We are talking about the very real possibility of a military conflict with the West and NATO in the area of Syria and Turkey. This immediate mobilization is for a war. The likelihood of military action is now very high.”  He also noted that mobilization is not maneuvers, “this is deployment of forces and resources for a war.”

Even more concerning was Felgenhauer’s assessment that “We can not exclude the possibility that military action in the Middle East will grow into a great European war.”

“Clashes in Turkey and Syria may occur first in a Russian-Turkish war, which will cover the Black Sea region and, possibly, the Crimea and the Caucasus.  Then comes the European war – Russia against NATO. We are now in the immediate pre-war period, ” Felgenhauer said in an interview.


In order to understand how very serious this move by Russia truly is, it would be helpful to outline exactly what military assets make up Russia’s “Southern Military District:”

  • 175th Luninets-Pinsk Order of Alexander Nevsky Twice Red Star Headquarters Brigade (Aksai)
  • 176th Separate Communications Brigade (Territorial) (Rassvet)
  • 11th Separate Guards Kingisepp Red Banner Order of Alexander Nevsky Engineering Brigade (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky)
  • 28th Separate Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Defense Brigade (Kamyshin)
  • 1270th Separate Electronic Warfare Center (Kovalevka)
  • 37th Separate Railway Brigade (Volgograd)
  • 39th Separate Railway Brigade (Krasnodar)
  • 333rd Separate Railway Pontoon Bridge Battalion (Volgograd)
  • Mountain Training Center of the Armed Forces (Baksan)
  • 54th Training Center of Intelligence Units (Vladikavkaz)
  • 27th Training Center Railway Troops (Volgograd)

58th Army in Vladikavkaz

49th Army in Stavropol/Maikop

  • 8th Motorized Brigade (Mountain) in Borzoi
  • 20th Motor Rifle Brigade in Volgograd
  • 33rd Motor Rifle Brigade (Mountain) in Novocherkassk[7]
  • 34th Motorized Brigade (Mountain) in Storozhevaya-2
  • 66th C3 Brigade in Stavropol
  • 1st Guards Rocket Brigade in Krasnodar
  • 439th Guards Perekop Order of Kurozov Rocket Artillery Brigade (Znamensk) [MRL]
  • 291st Artillery Brigade in Troitskaya
  • 21st NBC Defense Brigade Kamyshin
  • 175th C3 Brigade in Aksai
  • 176th Communications Brigade in Novocherkassk
  • 154th ECM Brigade OSN in Izobilny
  • Logistics Brigade in Stavropol

102nd Military Base in Gyumri, Armenia

  • 76th Motorized Brigade Gyumri, Armenia
  • 73rd Motorized Brigade Erevan (Armenia)
  • 988th Air Defense Regiment Gyumri (Armenia)

Airborne Troops


Air Force units

Naval Forces

  • Black Sea Fleet
    • 810th Marine Brigade[8]
    • 382nd Independent Marine Battalion
    • 11th Independent Coastal Defense Missile-Artillery Brigade
    • 126th Independent Coastal Defense Brigade
    • 1096th Fleet Independent Rocket Artillery Regiment (Coastal Defense)
    • 8th Independent Field Artillery Regiment (Coastal Defense)
    • 68th Fleet Independent Naval Engineers Regiment
  • Caspian Flotilla
    • 414th and 727th Independent Marine Battalions
    • 46th Independent Coastal Defense Missile Artillery Battalion (Surface to Air)



Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia publicly offered to be part of a multi-national force of 150,000 ground troops to enter Syria “to fight ISIS.”  They further publicly mused that the troops could enter Syria “Through Turkey.”

But as has been pointed out by this news website on countless prior occasions, “fighting ISIS” has been and continues to be a complete fraud by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others.  It is the Turks, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and perhaps even the United States which has been covertly supporting ISIS because they all see ISIS as a means to an end: to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The Russians know all-to-well who is siding with whom over there; after all, it was Turkey who shot down a Russian Bomber because the Russians were destroying too many ISIS oil tanker trucks, and disrupting the cash flow to ISIS and their pals inside Turkey who have been refining and selling the oil ISIS has stolen.

Now that Russian military assistance to their ally, Syria, is winning the battle against both ISIS and the rebels trying to overthrow Bashar Assad, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US all realize that unless they do something soon, ISIS and the Syrian Rebels will be defeated, and Bashar Assad will be back in firm control of Syria, all thanks to military help from Russia.

So Saudi Arabia floated this ground troops plan over the weekend and when other nations started publicly liking that idea, Russia realized fast that if ground troops come in from other countries, those troops will be protecting the Syrian Rebels and their ISIS buddies.  Hence, Russia’s mobilization of two armies and an entire military district.

The mass media inside the US is shamefully silent on what is taking place right now.  We are literally moving step-by-step closer to World War 3 and all of it for no good reason whatsoever.  The American people, left blissfully unaware, will be blind-sided when this conflict erupts because they’ve had a derelict mass media in the form of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and the Associated Press among countless others, who simply fail to report what is actually taking place.


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