Russian Missiles Arrive In Venezuela

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel


Arrived at the port of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, from Russia, mobile system components long range anti-aircraft missile S-300VM Antey-2500 , according to local newspaper Notitarde . In the images that illustrate the note, there are trucks transporting on trailers, launch tubes for missiles 9M82M . The newspaper counted at least twelve tubes and precisely who came on board in June Socol.  

The system S-300VM Antey-2500 was acquired by Venezuela in September 2009 , to be operated by the Aerospace Defense Command Structure (CODAI), which is assigned to the Strategic Operational Command (CEO) of the National Armed Forces.

Not yet transcended the quantity and characteristics of systems purchased by Venezuela, but these are made ​​up of several components including command post, circular radar, missile launch vehicles, transport vehicles and recharging missiles, missile 9M82M , maintenance vehicles, among others. The system S-300VM Antey-2500 is capable of knocking down aerial targets (ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft) in a radius of 200 kilometers and up to 30 thousand feet.

As we know, Venezuela has also purchased Russian mobile missile systems S-125 Pechora 2M , short range, and   Buk-M2 , medium range. The Pechora 2M apparently already received in their entirety, while Buk-M2 are pending delivery.

INteresting chess moves happening lately.  Venezuela is a eurasian axis power still even though Chavez is gone.  His VP could still win the election.   I could even see the US plunging Venezuela into civil war in the power struggle.  Its what they did in Libya and Syria.  -Mort

One thought on “Russian Missiles Arrive In Venezuela

  1. IF those are Russian….and if they’re missiles….that’s good!

    They’re equalizers in dealing with the U.S.
    They’re hot under the collar because:
    -they have invading Venezuela on a back burner, after Iran, Africa, et al.
    -the U.S. wants to be the only ones to have the little boy toys.

    Another thing, the Feds, obviously, think people are stupid. What’s the big deal, when the U.S. has been doing business for years with another communist country, mainland China?

    Not to mention (but I will), that the good ole U.S. has been in cahoots with N.Korea and given them nuclear ammo….to stir up the hornet’s nest over there.

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