Russia’s Driverless War Machine Is Scary As Hell

Published on Aug 30, 2016 by Vocativ

War! What is it good for? Super advanced, deadly, and very scary machines!

Russia’s war folk have developed something called The Tigr, which is a pretty butch name for a pretty butch thing. The Tigr is a vehicle that can run manned or unmanned, carrying up to 10 soldiers or simply being operated via remote control. Affixed to its roof is a 30-mm automatic gun, also controllable via remote. And it can handle a lot of abuse, too; it can be dropped, it can drive across most terrains, and it can definitely play an important role in a film meant to convey that war is hell.

10 thoughts on “Russia’s Driverless War Machine Is Scary As Hell

  1. Here is the new Russia and some of their modern consumer automotive industry. I have to wonder about something. Why is Russia having its trade strangled, and economy undermined and attacked? Why? Russia is NOTHING like it was under the communists. Now they seem to have national assembly and an elected Csar who is a Christian and their Navy is flying the “Cross of St. Andrews. Why RUSSIA has to be destroyed? WHY????

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