Ryan Bundy Assaulted, Update w/ Angie Bundy and Gavin Seim

Published on Aug 9, 2016 by Valley Forge Network

Reupload for those without Facebook, Ryan Bundy was allegedly assaulted at the county jail by five deputies. Possibly over the bullet remaining in him from the FBI murder of Lavoy Finicum, and attempted murder of multiple other people at a road block in a rural part of Oregon.

From Facebook:
‘Ryan Just Phoned Angie and here’s what actually happened.’

‘Angie just heard from Ryan. He did nothing wrong. Sheriffs beat him up and now he is being punished for their actions!’

5 thoughts on “Ryan Bundy Assaulted, Update w/ Angie Bundy and Gavin Seim

    1. yeah, I hear ya, Katie.

      I think this is worse than most other innocent people being locked up because the Bundys were locked up and are being tortured purely for political reasons.

      They want us to know about this — the pig bastards are sending a message that they’re the bosses now, and our constitutional rights mean nothing.

      1. True, JR, but the pigshit are also sending another message, probably unwittingly — and this isn’t the first time.

        Every time they mistreat someone who surrenders, either during an arrest or later on in jail or prison, they’re telling the rest of us:

        “DON’T surrender to us when we come for you. Fight to the death instead, because it’s better to die relatively quickly than to live on your knees in a man-made hell. If you’re well-prepared mentally and physically, you could even have the satisfaction of taking a bunch of us dirty pigs with you.”

        1. I couldn’t agree more. The most important thing anyone can do is mental preparation. Few people (posters) mention this. Glad that you did.

  1. why hold up a bird sanctuary though, Why didn’t they just stay on Dwight Hammond’s ranch…? I thought it was about protecting the Hammond’s at first.

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