San Bernardino Sheriffs Issue Themselves License to Kill

press conferenceEx-LAPD Officer and ACCUSED murderer, Christopher Dorner, was burned to death in a cabin at Big Bear Lake, California on Tuesday afternoon, or not.  If there was ever a doubt as to the fact that legitimate reporting in the United States has been replaced by a state propaganda machine, that doubt should be thoroughly dispersed with this incident.  Anyone who turns on the so called news in this country, expecting anything other than fictional entertainment is too stupid to be breathing America’s free for now air.

We have presented on this site concrete, solid evidence in the form of audio from the police scanners on the scene at Big Bear which proves absolutely that the order was given to “burn that mother f#@ker down” after which, the mother f#@ker burned down.  This is prima fascia evidence.  And all the authorities have to do to dispel that fact is to hold a press conference and have one of their lying ass officials stand up and say, “We did not burn that cabin down” and that is it, case closed.

The outrage is only partially in the blatant execution of Dorner, again, if it is even Dorner.  It is also in the contention that the San Bernardino County Sheriffs can perpetrate a killing and declare it justified without an investigation from at least another law enforcement agency, not that the result wouldn’t have been the same, but does not the question have to be asked?

What in the hell has happened to our law in this country?  Under this scenario, one of these lawless cops can walk up to any American national, pull a weapon, say “I am going to kill you”, blow his or her head off, on camera, and all they need to do to clear themselves of the murder they just committed is simply hold a press conference and have the head sheriff state, “We did not blow his or her head off, it blew itself off.”  And that is it, end of story.

All of this propaganda bullshit around the wonderful cops and how they are so beloved and so honest and so caring for the people is just that, bullshit.

A psychiatrist being interviewed on Fox News commented on the perceived phenomenon wherein Dorner was being cheered for on Facebook by thousands of people.  The commie shrink declared that this scenario was due to a delusion wherein the people saw the episode as live entertainment.  Again, bull bull bullshit.

The fact is these lawless gangsters have so mistreated so many thousands that when their victims see them getting a little of their own medicine, it makes them happy.  This so called phenomenon is only going to get worse as these rogue agencies continue to operate with an absolute license to kill.

Everyone reading this – know without a doubt that the worst thing you have to fear is those individuals wearing patches that say “To Protect and Serve.”

And last, but not least, goddamn these charlatan actors posing as the mainstream free press.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “San Bernardino Sheriffs Issue Themselves License to Kill

  1. I wrote the Govenor to have a massive murder investigation against all the police units and Feds, as to pre meditated murder. It was al over the police scanner they wanted to kill Dorner,and then telling the media to leave it was not TRUE IT WAS A KIE so the media in the air could not see the Feds and police BURN THE CABIN DOWN it was a lie as to their harm or showing what was going on TV wise. The owner of the cabin said there was nothing in it no power no water no food nothing no tv or radio. This was a pre palnned murder tocover up the mass killings,thefts and every other rotten thing LAPD DID that was against the law. Now another officer is saying the same thing. And to keep the pumper out from the FD cause it was unsafe is another lie. See on top of the pumper trucks is a deck gun that can thow solid streams of water over 150 feet. Keeping them selves back far enough not to be harmed. THE FEDS POLICE and County wanted dorner dead. And who was writing in his manafesto othrs who had penmen ship. This whole thing smells like dog doo
    no jury no court just lets kill


  2. You are absolutely correct! Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit! From the very beginning Bullshit! How do we know he shot the Captain’s daughter? How do we know he wrote the entire manifesto? I mean, did he really quote Mia Farrow on GUN CONTROL?!?! How do we know it was him in that cabin?! This shit sounds like another Osama Bin Laden, “we buried him at sea” LIE! What is REALLY going on in America?

  3. Please dont get so pissed, these sub-human pigs will all die in the war that is comming to this country, one day they will burn there unforums to hid who they are.. if they live to do it … no I am glad they keep showing there colors.
    The list are being made on both sides. and they will all die in the civil war that is fast approaching.

  4. The Iraqis did not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, the Afghanis did not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, the Libyans did not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, the Pakistanis did not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, the Yemenis did not get courts, judges or evidential hearings,the Syrians do not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, the Malians do not get courts, judges or evidential hearings, why would an American?
    After all, “the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper” according to one President.

  5. Great article Henry. You took the words right out of my mouth, and saved me the trouble of writing it. A “license to kill” is exactly what they’ve been given, proven time and again by handcuffed prisoners being shot in the head in squad cars, citizens being shot in the back on the street, and none of these obvious murders are ever questioned.

    And I actually had an a-hole from the “officers and troopers” association call here yesterday with the audacity to ask for a donation. I had to hang up on him because I wouldn’t have been able to keep the conversation legal.

  6. I wonder who the next “domestic terrorist” will be that further justifies drone use on our soil. His murder will appear benevolent and people will cheer for more.
    Houses to house searches, shoot on sight (any slight resemblance will do), and breathless theatre from the media.
    What in the name of all that’s holy has happened to this country? It’s really pathetic.

  7. No you guys got this all wrong. That sheriff is telling you the truth. They did not burn down the cabin to get Dorner to come out. They burned it down so he wouldn’t come out. Nobody asked that question so no reason to mention it.

  8. Any story that the MSM covers in mass, like Christopher Dorner, is most likely another hoax. We must look into all possibilities regarding what the State/Federal governments’ motives are for hunting-down one of their own brethren. What was Dorner’s threat and, why was he fired? Do you think that a tenured cop would post a self-incriminating manifesto on the internet? What were the nefarious LAPD activities Dorner could expose? Did Dorner actually commit the murders he has been made suspect to, or was he the patsy they pinned them on? Is Dorner actually dead, or is he alleged to be dead?

    Do you really think this incident is any less a hoax than Sandy Hook? Watch for this story to continually change as each day passes. We may never know the whole truth, but we should certainly doubt the never ending bullshit the MSM feeds us.

    1. “Any story that the MSM covers in mass, like Christopher Dorner, is most likely another hoax.”

      And that’s exactly how I evaluate and can tell the difference between real and false flag incidents these days, as should we all.

  9. Careful there, Henry. I’m expecting the POS Chief of Police to step up to the mike anytime now, and inform us all that anyone disputing the ‘official’ story (lie) CAN and WILL be prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!
    “We CANNOT allow these ‘outrageous conspiracy theories’ perpetrated by the ‘conspiracy nuts’ to flourish. You WILL believe what you are told to believe, or you WILL be arrested and prosecuted.”

    “Oh, and btw, have a nice day, and support your local police.”

    Welcome to the NWO.

  10. There is no dorner…..its another fake story. They have ran out of manchurian candidates and they now have to depend on hollywood for their crazy stories.

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