Sandy Hook is not Bulletproof: NewTown Bee Fake News, Fake Lawyers etc.

Published on Feb 3, 2013 by danp5648

Sandy Hook (was not) is not Bulletproof: fake lawyer, broken glass, transcripts and current photos Version 2 My email(s) to local police

Sometimes higher level law enforcement agencies swoop in and hijack the case to get the noteriety,all there has to be is a felony crime. In this case,(glaring complicity)CSP is controlling all aspects of the case along with the Medical examiners assistance. Carver’s behaviour as well as Vances are what seasoned investigators refer to as “guilty demeanor”.These are not men who displayed any sorrow or empathy for their community as most law enforcement officers and medical people do in a time of crisis. Carver was flippant,morose,and enigmatic in his statements and actions.Vance was menacing,defensive and evasive upon being questioned.These are all signs something is wrong with this case. Sad thing is they can do this.Holder had a chat with the Gov. 2 weeks prior.This is before you even touch the physical aspects of the crime itself.Without a full,thorough independent forensic analysis off all the evidence,we will never know the truth.They know this, betcha they will level the school next.

Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook School Shooting Busted Windows CNN Sandy Hook Transcripts Interview Newtown Police Fire and CT State Police Radio Traffic

and the lawyer said “should be bulletproof” (I give up – what was it?). I think he was paid to make the situation look more real. His client is law enforcement. He’s selling a response time of three minutes! (Lets play who’s your client) I wonder how fast it was i.e the first (and only) (not released) 911 call and when the first officer arrived and (who was the first officer again) and what did he do? What was protocol? Was it to run at the school and run straight away at the shooter? How longer was the herding effect of officers (staging build up) and then the final rush to glory? 1 minute 2 minutes – it didn’t happen.

Sandy Hook was not bullet proof

Watch “Sandy Hook The Documentary”

Watch our video report “In The Wake Of sandy Hook”

Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

if i was a freaked out kid (w/busdrver?) even if the firehouse didn’t seem like the place to stop,,, then y ? would they post up just past that place in genes driveway.. no way,, either they (if there was some group of kids? right) STOPPED at the firehouse,, or they would keep on truckin down to subway sandwiches or the middle of the freakin intersection..,, but no way would a group of freaked kidfs and their ambiguous driver go right past an official place to be,,,ie firehouse,,, around the corner and squat,,,wtf,, c’mon.

but if i were part of the team who planned the getaway,, then running directly toward the back lot behind the Lodge#18 and the ‘villa’ quick jaunt maybe have a purple van stay waiting just in case.

Anomalies, inaccurate reporting and inconsistencies in the official story of what took place at Sandy Hook elementary have led to a number of theories about what may or may not have happened on that day. Joining us today on Press For Truth TV is film maker Mark Howitt who directed a new documentary titled “SANDY HOOK – The Documentary”. We’ll discuss some of the outlandish theories that have surfaced such as the claim that I Dan Dicks am a “crisis actor” who took part in a psychological operation and more importantly how these theories have clouded the big picture and muddied the waters of truth in what may very well be a divide and conquer tactic.

Watch “Sandy Hook – The Documentary”

Watch our video report “In The Wake Of sandy Hook”

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One thought on “Sandy Hook is not Bulletproof: NewTown Bee Fake News, Fake Lawyers etc.

  1. Apparently the only thing NOT fake about this hoax is the school itself.

    And I’m not even so sure about that one anymore, either.

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