Secular Humanism is Changing the Constitution into Something it was Never Intended to Be

secular_humanists_on_the_real_planet_of_the_apesFreedom Outpost – by Fred DeRuvo

We know that Washington DC is the heart of America’s government. I tend to think of it as the belly of the beast and I happen to be here today and tomorrow.

DC is an enigma to many because on the surface, there are so many things that appear to support truth and specifically, the Constitution. Yet, underneath, it’s clear to those who can see that this is the furthest thing from reality.  

Hey, look! It's the First Amendment inscribed on that building!

Hey, look! It’s the First Amendment inscribed on that building!

On the facade of one building not far from the Capitol Building, the entire 1st Amendment is inscribed. Like most structures seen throughout the city, the inscription is simply decorative, propping up the charade.

What is also interesting of course, is that years ago, via the court system, the Federal Government began establishing a particular religion that has become known as Secular Humanism. It is the belief that humanity is their own god, their highest authority in determining what is right and what is wrong.

According to Dr. Dennis Cuddy, this began with the Supreme Court’s decision handed down in 1963.

The author of the Supreme Court’s Abington v. Schempp decision (1963) outlawing school prayer wrote that “the state may not establish a ‘religion of secularism’ in the sense of affirmatively opposing or showing hostility to religion, thus ‘preferring those who believe in no religion over those who do believe.’” Unfortunately, however, this is exactly what has happened in the United States—the establishment of the ‘religion of secularism.”

Since then, Secular Humanism has been taking over society and because of it, Christianity is being literally pushed out. It’s also interesting to note that Islam is being given a pass and it is this author’s opinion that this is being done solely because the Global Elite finds Islam useful for now, just as Hitler did during his attempt to take over the world decades ago. The common purpose was found in hatred of Jews (as it is today).

As I took the time to walk around the city earlier, I could not help but notice all of the law enforcement vehicles of every stripe. I saw regular DC police cars, but many more Department of Homeland Security SUVs, Secret Service cars, unmarked SUVs that were law enforcement vehicles, and many more.

Cheese it, the cops!

Cheese it, the cops!

There are plenty of police on foot, bikes, and motorcycles roaming around the streets,  keeping an eye on things. It’s as if our leaders expect to run up against resistance because of what they are doing to the Constitution, America, and Americans.

DC is not really an enigma at all once you understand what it’s all about. It’s a place where duplicity rules the day. Even though denied by our leaders, the constant attempt to redefine and even overthrow the Constitution has become the working goal for Congress. They will not stop until this goal is met either. Everything is related to this one goal and it is being achieved because of the establishment of Secular Humanism. It’s what causes fallen humanity to pursue it’s dream of building the Tower of Babel again, spiritually speaking.

Because of Secular Humanism, political correctness reigns. How could it not? This political correctness reinforces all the lies, allowing them to prosper. It’s why Obama can lie to our faces about Obamacare, or go to South Africa and participate in a memorial service that honors Mandela, a terrorist at heart and someone who has stated that he hates America and wants white people in South Africa to be killed. It allows Obama to admit that Mandela has truly motivated him. That’s certainly not difficult to believe.

Secular Humanism is how someone like Paul Ryan can run as a “conservative” alongside Mitt Romney for vice president, and then recently help come up with a budget deal that is worthless because of what it gives away to Obama and the left.

It simply proves that it doesn’t matter who becomes president because no one gets there (hardly) without first being handpicked by the Global Elite (GE). The GE only picks people that will be loyal to them. If it turns out they fail to remain loyal after they’re elected, it’s pretty easy to deal with them.

There is nothing here in DC that impresses me and I’ll be glad to get home. The whole city is one huge egotistical facade, built on egos and lies larger than Mt. Ranier.

DC tries desperately to hide its ugly and evil underbelly with constant movement and activity. There’s always some event going on in DC or something being renovated. Like a prostitute who wears the latest bauble thinking it will keep everyone from noticing she’s still naked and a prostitute, DC tries to cover its nakedness by constantly reinventing itself. Like Secular Humanism and political correctness, it is nothing more than yet another attempt at misdirection in order to deceive. Too many fall for it and are sucked in by it.

In the end, DC remains a cesspool of lies and deceit. One of the biggest lies we are being force-fed is that the Constitution is an ever-evolving document that ultimately means whatever the courts decide it means. This is why prayer was abolished, as were the Ten Commandments from schools, and why abortion is now the accepted norm throughout the country.

This is all being done by a constant rewriting of history. It will continue unabated until those opposed to America’s traditional way of life will have everything they want in order to finally turn America into a nation governed by complete tyranny and enforced by those who live to serve the Global Elite.

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2 thoughts on “Secular Humanism is Changing the Constitution into Something it was Never Intended to Be

  1. “Secular humanism”, or any other Jew-invented “ism”, (ie. Communism, Nazism) cannot change the U.S. Constitution unless the American people continue to sit on their asses and allow it to happen.

    Unlike the legalese practiced by the maritime courts and the bar association, the U.S. Constitution is clearly written in plain English, so every American National can read it, understand it, and ENFORCE it for themselves.

  2. Getting rid of the Constitution is exactly what the U.N. has planned. If you haven’t watched this video yet, I highly recommend it. It’s the U.N. we need to be fighting. Everything else falls under the U.N.

    Iron Mountain- Blueprint to Tyranny (Full Documentary)
    . . .

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