5 thoughts on “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor

  1. Avoid ALL conspiratorial speculation and stick to the scientific evidence when talking about 9-11. For many years the entire discussion of the event has been constantly stuffed with fraudulent theories designed to make you look like a fool when you repeat them to your friends. Please be careful what you tell others regarding 9-11.

    There is more than enough provable, and documented evidence to prove without doubt that the twin towers were felled by a controlled demolition, and that’s all you need to do. Go no further than that. Avoid discussion of the Pentagon hit because there’s NOT enough evidence there to conclusively prove anything, and that fact leaves your side of the debate on shaky ground, and that gives people the impression that you have no real proof at all.


  2. Amazing just amazing. So many questions so few answers. Who will prosecute the perpetrators? The criminals? If witnesses came forward before they went to trial they would most likely commit suicide or die in a airplane or car crash.

  3. In your DVD, “The New Pearl Harbor,” mention was made about the missing victims. Could their body parts have been flushed into the sewer drains by the NYFD in their clean-up operations?

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