Seven Step Ebola Response Plan: Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines


For years some of us have been watching the efforts of the globalists to roll out a pandemic. Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines is just one of many [orgs, groups] tracking this effort and monitoring the CDC and the WHO.

Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines has established a seven step response to the false flag ebola campaign. All are most welcome to review and utilize this information as they see fit. It is important that we educate ourselves so we cannot be manipulated by fear . . . as has been done to us so many times before.  

Ebola pandemic response plan

  1. Recognize that for many reasons, including the establishment of a BRICs economic alliance, the US petrodollar is faltering. The ebola card is most likely being played now as a distraction to that fact and the potential economic carnage this change might cause.
  2. Know and understand the US is a corporation as is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization. As such, they are bound by the law of contracts. [Supreme Court Bond v UNITED STATES]
  3. Help destroy the credibility of the CDC (long overdue) by reading this page, circulating this link, and handing out this brochure
  4. Know and understand that a media ‘playbook’ has been formulated and is now being used to create fear in the general population. Print out these 10 steps so you can watch the psyop and prove to yourself that it is only a psyop. Familiar yourselves with the FACTS as they are being reported at
  5. Do Not Consent to be vaccinated or forced into isolation. Review the info and print out a Pocket Card //Notice of Non-Consent// to carry with you.
  6. Do what you can to insure your immunity is strong [Vitamin C and sunshine, for example.]
  7. Don’t allow your critical thinking skills to be neutralized by fear. Remember, that is their goal and that is how those that wish to control the planet have successfully manipulated us before . . . many times. Schedule time for joyful experiences and walks in the park.

Those in vaccine-aware organizations have stopped pandemic agendas before and if we all take this threat seriously, we can do it again. Hopefully we can also cause irreparable damage to the creditability of the CDC so they can no longer manipulate us, scare us, and threaten the health of ourselves and our children . . . ever again.





3 thoughts on “Seven Step Ebola Response Plan: Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines

  1. Educate yourselves on virus and bacteria killing home remedies. Buy a gallon of silver water , MSM powder (a bowel cleaner to clean yourselves out). Keep your hands away from your face. Use bacterial wipes often, The best way is to drop a couple of cap fulls of pure bleach into a gallon water and wipe you hands and face three time a day.

    These things will keep you strong and free of problems. STAY AWAY FROM VACCINES AND THE NEEDLES! If your hospitalized get the hell out as soon as possible. Do home remedies

    But as the above article states, run from the mafia run CDC. They will kill you.

  2. Has anyone heard any reports of Ebola that DIDN’T COME FROM A NEWS SOURCE THAT LIES TO YOU ON A DAILY BASIS?

    I’d like to remind everyone that we still haven’t had one, single, solitary confirmation that Ebola is anywhere within the US borders from a non-Zionist source.

    It’s another Zionist hoax, and all discussion of it lends credibility to the existence of this “pandemic” that no one has yet been sickened by.

    Stop watching TV. They’re scaring you into submission with their endless fear mongering.

    1. Jolly Rogers right,

      Chemtrails, GMO, Enfluenza, and plain old everyday Israeli sponsored population control is what you really have to worry about. I tend to worry more because I travel 3000 miles a week across this country. I have to take a little more care of myself. I’m in chemtrails all day everyday. I can’t just whistle Dixie and ignore this shit.

      Not to mention colon cancer surgery 1 year ago. I’m lucky to even be breathing right now. This is why I tend to preach.

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