5 thoughts on “Sheriff Clark – My Honor

  1. Milwaukee, his beat, is the most dangerous county in Wisconsin. Maybe they ought to take a couple of his stars off his collar & tell him to get his ass to work. Blowhard bitch.

  2. Asshats like this actually believe they uphold the Constitution when they enforce their ceo’s policies and trample the ever-livin’ shite out of it.

    And yeah, F the nra. They were only created to create a mammon sucking controlled opposition so the sheeple fall back asleep.

    The boot licking useful idiots who support him and support the nra often tend to be zio-“christians” and are going to be the ones easily convinced we are the enemy.

    Double speaking commie pig is right, Stuzz!

  3. Jack ross13 hours ago
    Bullshit ! 25 to 30 . The only people violating the people’s right are you fn stupid cops you violate the contract daily but the sad thing is you dont even know it , u know your oath , why not this ; I swear to break and violate the constitution for what ever i seem fit .

  4. Since I first began seeing this man on the news, I asked myself why the progressive left is not tearing him apart with background expose’s or preparing someone to unseat him in progressive Milwaukee. He has become the ‘go to guy’ whenever there is a ‘police-involved’ incident, and the fake media needs comments. He seems way too anxious to weigh-in on issues all over the country. My internal BS meter is buried on 11 on a scale of 1-10.

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