Should we take Pamela Rae Schuffert’s nuclear attack warning seriously?

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Upon further reading, there is actually more than one dead General, one of them openly named, associated with this story.

A few days ago Pamela Rae Schuffert posted a warning, purportedly from a man in the military, who was running around defusing nuclear devices similar to Magna BSP’s OWL’s, in an effort to thwart a covert ground based nuclear attack which was due on May 5th or 6th and shown to be plausible in my article Nuclear Blackmail.  

There is no doubt that Israel has managed to place nuclear weapons at strategic locations in (at least) Japan, Brazil, America, Germany, (and possibly) other countries. This was borne out by my background investigation of Magna BSP as part of my Fukushima report. So the threat is real.

Now on to – Is Pamela Rae’s warning of any real significance?

I spent hours yesterday looking into Pamela Rae, and discovered that she is even more shilled than I am. That means she has a message the elite do not want getting out. I also discovered that though she did do another gloom and doom scenario last spring, she does not have a habit of doing such things despite what the shills say, which makes the shillage all the more suspicious. The prediction game is a double edged sword – If you give a warning, and it serves to cause the aggressors to back off and then nothing happens, you look like a kook. Shills will then hop on you and exploit it, to make you less effective at sounding the alarm in the future.

There is only one problem with Pamela’s story, and it is that one of the claimed dead Generals in the mix, the man in charge of the teams that are going around defusing the nukes – is identified with only an alias given. I see that as a potential problem with the story, but then again, if I was a General going around trying to stop a covert nuclear attack in America, I would know that giving my name out would be fatal, and the fact that no dead General showed up in the news on the 29th is of no consequence because if he really was killed for trying to stop such an attack, our rigged media would NEVER report it, and there is another documented dead General (via plane crash on April 20th) possibly associated with this story anyway.

So that got me thinking about how to foil zionist nuclear attack plans if they really do exist. Her story is actually playing out the way I would expect in this political environment – all happening behind the scenes with people who are trying to stop this disaster getting picked off one by one. So though I am not going to take a position on whether or not the story is b.s., I will tell people – if they want to do a little leg work, how to throw a wrench in the plan with ease.

It will be the zionists doing it. Your local Jewish community. It’s as simple as that. So they have their butts hanging out in the open in a BIG way – and you can see it from a great distance. To know if your city might be targeted for a nuclear attack, just check your local synagogue on Friday night and Saturday day. If no one is there, the place has been evacuated and your city could be targeted by one of these nukes. They are not going to stay around for the fun. So if you observe vacant synagogues in a particular city, SOUND THE ALARM AND GET OUT. You cannot just check a synagogue for cars on Friday night or Saturday, because Judaism forbids the operation of a motor vehicle on the Sabbath, and all the devout Jews walk to the synagogue. A totally luciferian reformed synagogue will likely be packed with cars but only about 30 percent are that way.

Also, to keep their conspiracies from escaping their chambers, they NEVER use PA systems, it’s all spoken by voice and if you cannot hear what is being said you move to the front – so at a Jewish service, the people with good ears always sit in the back, so the people with bad ears can get closer to the podium and hear what is being said. This means you are actually going to have to observe people coming and going, or go inside and check to see if there is a service going on because you will not hear it from outside. You don’t need to worry about going in there, 501C3 status makes it illegal for them to stop you. If you want to be REALLY safe, make sure someone else knows where you are going, but chances are they will be outwardly nice. There will be jew hats in a bin somewhere near the door, if you are a man, put one on. It is required.

If your city is targeted no one will be at the synagogue except for perhaps security and maintenance, and if it is a refuge the place will be unusually packed.

Of important note – Her web site is definitely cached in the holonet, and will be different in appearance constantly. So make sure you hit it a few times, and if it is boring crap on the top, SCROLL DOWN. That site is getting scrambled for a reason. The real web site is very well laid out and to the point but it’s damn near impossible to get a good hit into it.

If you have not heard Pamela’s story, you can read it here. and an interesting write up on the dead General is HERE She is a bible thumper, but not a nutty one so don’t let the initial thump put you off. I am not making any predictions, I am just going to tell you what she said in case the story has merit and let you decide for yourself.

18 thoughts on “Should we take Pamela Rae Schuffert’s nuclear attack warning seriously?

  1. More nuclear fear mongering, and I don’t believe it for a minute. Do you really think someone can “run around defusing nukes”? If they existed, wouldn’t they be guarded, or at least watched?
    Nuking an area would render it inaccessible, and useless, and it would preclude anyone from extracting any wealth from it.
    There are too many easy ways to wipe out the population and preserve the resource wealth for nukes to make any sense to the Zionists.
    They might use one or two small ones for false-flag operations, but they have nothing to gain by destroying the environment they have to live in and profit from.
    They benefit from the fear mongering; not the actual explosion.

    1. Jolly Roger, I did take a long look at Schuffert’s blog and she sure has some incredible stories that tie in with dead generals and Seal Team members. Either way, I’m ready to start kickin’ some of these traitors butts. To be honest, nothing this illegal government does will surprise me anymore. So how did this writer come up with May 5th, 2013?

    2. I would say that if you knew that someone was up to this and you approached a guard standing next to it they would step aside knowing full well that a simple call to the local poilce dept would screw up the planning of the project. How he got the info and them knowing it and not changing locations of the warheads is something that needs to be explained to make this story believable, unless in the next few dyas a nuke goes off soemewhere in the U.S.

  2. If these nuclear devices were planted, they probably would not be in the large 100 megaton range. These most likely would be small, hard to detect, tactical nukes, similar to the ones (allegedly) used in Iraq. These could also be dirty bombs that would kill biological life forms, but leave infrastructure in place. Thus accomplishing the task, and leaving the area “temporarily” inaccessible.

    I used to think the same way as you, JR. I often thought that TPTB elitists would not be stupid enough to poison the environment which they also live in… it would be analogous to shitting in your own swimming pool. However, what if TPTB did not intend to be on the Planet when they pushed the detonator button?

    Technology today is far more advanced than any of us could imagine –which may include achieving space travel at greater than light speed to reach other habitable planets in our galaxy. Furthermore, if we had the technology to travel at light speed, then we may also have the ability to time travel, or travel inter-dimensionally. You didn’t really think that the 1947 crash in New Mexico was a weather balloon, did you?

    I agree with your point regarding people crying wolf too often. Think of it as a drill to keep us on our toes. Someday soon, the wolf WILL arrive.

  3. @ JR: Although I typically agree with what you write, and consider you a great writer, I have to take issue with this:

    “but they have nothing to gain by destroying the environment they have to live in and profit from”

    Although nukes are much worse than chemtrails, they ARE destroying the environment they have to live in and profit from, by spraying the numerous poisons like aluminum oxide, barium compounds [a dessicant which is responsible for the worldwide unprecedented droughts and many more heavy metals compounds, all over most of the world, and since at least 1997.] and much more.

    Experts, no me, have concluded that chemtrails have already caused severe environmental harm that will take many decades, if not centuries, to reverse.

    Chemtrail data here:

  4. Where I live it would be hard not to know someone that is “Jewish” (I know Khazar) and I took care of one for many years and do know a few know more.
    That said, I did find an error in Pamela Rae’s report.
    It is not the HOH that only sit in the front (If they do at all) at synagogue, it is whoever is the richest and donates the most money that gets their seats up front.
    If you do go to a synagogue, my advice would be……..
    Men, if they do have the yarmulke in a bin, I guess wear it?
    Ladies if you go make sure your makeup is excellent, as well as clothing and you are dripping with jewels (Even if they are fake) if you don’t want to stick out.
    You will be studied by all attending 🙂

    1. At one time I worked in a group that included a B’nai B’rither, and one day we embarked on an extremely tactful, one time only, mine field-loaded discussion regarding religions. From this I learned that at the synagogue, your seat is purchased. If you want to sit in the front row, you pay for that front-row seat up front for the year. In addition to this, to be a member of a particular synagogue, you are required to pay no less than a 10% tithe of your gross income, and as just a lowly member and not one of the synagogue’s political leaders, you do not decide how that tithe is divided up or where it goes. Of course, this information was not revealed in such a plain and clear manner, but that was the gist of it, and I could not find out if visitors were allowed to attend.

      1. LOL! If you are rich enough, your seat is Given to you!

        I had many mine-field loaded discussions w/my client, just because I was curious, I asked questions (Had worked w/them long enough to, I guess?) they weren’t meant to be loaded or anything, but knowing what I do now, I suppose to someone you didn’t know well they would be?

        One time after they got on the holocaust thing Again! (Got tired of hearing about it after awhile!) I asked “What about the Pakistani people living in slums, as prisoners, being held in isreal not being treated well?” If anybody learned anything about the holocaust the people wouldn’t treat others that way imo. SILENCE! BLESSED SILENCE! 🙂

        My experience/understanding is, there is a set payment per year to belong to certain synagogues (I paid the bills, ADL’S, hired, fired, everything at that job 🙂 and through out the rest of the year it is “Donation” for this and that a few times a month or so, and high holidays.
        They also have a mens meeting weekly.

        I would say gentiles can go there, as I have wandered around in one (also invited to attend).
        Pretty neat art work and things.

        I would just say if you go, you will be studied (They are quite clicky) top to bottom, dress and act
        appropriately 🙂

      1. LOL!!! Enbe, I haven’t heard that in so long! hehehe!
        My Dad used to say that. TY for the memories 🙂

  5. I will add my two cents here.
    Schuffert demonstrates many characteristics that would have gotten her committed to a psychiatric facility just a few decades ago. When you examine her writing style, her garish presentation of her work, you can clearly see right off the bat that there are “mental health issues”. Nobody but a batshit nut writes in the style she chooses. Her articles have the appearance of having been done by someone in junior high school, which in and of itself, should be a very strong clue for readers. If you actually read some of her articles you will note that this good christioan reporter makes it clear that she needs to be recognized for all the sacrifices she thinks she makes. Readers quickly understand that true christians would nver mention the things they do for God, but this woman waves these things around for the entire world to see.
    Are some of you so in need of fear mongering and the drama that this woman presents that you are not able to see the psychiatric needs that drive her?
    I find her to be rather disgusting.

        1. I know, I gotta be fast hehe!

          Been reading, reading, reading all day (not commenting), but had to get here quick, you always get’em b4 me hehe!

          I was going to comment to Digger (Started writing) earlier and my Sis called boy can she talk 🙂 I feel a lot like he does about where he lives, if ya talk with him, tell’em I said “Hey” and totally get what he is talking about there 🙂

          Going to go do some mindless stuff for awhile, Ya’ll have a Good One!

    1. Hence the reason for the title of this article being in the form of a question, obviously.

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