7 thoughts on “Silver Kills Germs & Viruses

      1. Susan aka GrinNBarrett is how she used to post, Angel, but dropped the first part a while back.

        I still call her Susan in my replies to her also.

  1. Good info. I hadn’t thought of using CS to disinfect water in an emergency situation, but it only makes sense, as far as pathogens anyway (other pollutants, chemical, metal, etc., would be a different discussion).

  2. I’ve been making colloidal silver periodically over a period of about 12 years now. I use it for numerous things. About 7 years ago a coworker ( a new hire) mentioned he was having a lot of stomach trouble and had been diagnosed with ulcers. I told him about Colloidal Silver and offered to let him try some. He took me up on the offer and I brought him a mason jar full of it. The following week when I saw him he was beside himself with excitement and told me he thought it might have cured his stomach problems. He never mentioned it again except to tell me he was sure he was cured and didn’t need any more antibiotics..

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