So Little Has Changed by Taylor Pie

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‘So Little Has Changed’ written and performed by Taylor Pie. Accompanied by Eben Wood. Live performance at Hondo’s on Main, Fredericksberg, Texas. Produced by PuffBunny Records. Julian Chojnacki, video director.

6 thoughts on “So Little Has Changed by Taylor Pie

    1. You’re welcome, rbeason. I play this song every Veteran’s Day to remind myself of the hypocrisy of war. War is peace, so therefore, perpetual war is perpetual peace?? And I think to myself, wouldn’t this world be a better place if we spent the BILLIONS,or now, TRILLIONS of dollars on bettering our world, and the lives of others, rather than these wars that profit the elitists and bankster gangsters? Seems that the Golden Rule-“Do unto others as you would have done to you”-is forgotten by the world.

      1. Although a musician myself, i was not aware of either this musical piece or the people performing. I have saved it and will keep it with the many hundred others i have on this computer, all of which i first listened to on the radio….as the decades passed by…….
        Maybe you know this, as I have said it a few times here on this web site and don’t want to be beating a dead horse…with a club, cause i love animals, having rode the first 5 years to a country school, horse back….on most days! My home is in Montana…
        I was drafted into Vietnam, 1968, and in country jan 1969. Fortunate for me, I wasn’t shot up nor wounded………I know first hand what it is to be either the hunted or the hunter….It’s all very stupid. The former General Smedley D. Butler, who devoted his life to informing the public of the evils of war after getting out of the Marines…has it correct. Defend one’s home and defend the Bill Of Rights….and that’s it……the rest of this stuff is a racket….He’s correct.
        He meant one’s actual home….not vicarious causes half way around the globe….
        So I am grateful to you for posting this music video….
        tks also for your comment….
        Lets none of us ever forget the truth of hate, the truth of evil….and be not afraid to say that, when it’s time to do so………

        1. I was in High School from 1964-1968, and saw so many of my classmates drafted for the Viet Nam war, and either didn’t come back, or came back very messed up both physically and mentally-just like we see today with the Irag-Afghanistan vets. And I so agree with Smedley Butler, war is a racket. As Henry Kissinger said, we peons are just cannon fodder. But unless the elitists of the world turn to God for their salvation, there is a day coming when God will crush His enemies beneath His feet-and I plan to have a bleacher seat to watch it!!

          1. yes to this comment of yours also. I have never lost the belief that this oppression, deceptive, disingenuous government especially in D C will be defeated….There is no telling when, no telling how. But! It will come to an end,,,
            If it weren’t for love, i doubt people would even be here. So! Some how that is going to have to float back to the top of things….where the power of it may do its magic…..then there will be smiles all-around from and for, everyone!

  1. just had to view this a second time….

    “they killed so many, we killed so many more”
    “then we’ll become history, like……..”
    “so little has changed!”
    Even the churches get into the picture…(not in this musical piece)
    “onward christian soldiers marching off to war”
    Becoming an older person should not have to be the place where one finally learns the truth….about war and peace.
    Best I take my own advice and tell it like it is in the real world….to all young and older, who seek it!
    It’s there. That Truth! Voices in every land vouch for it. The voices in different languages, stand up for the very same truth…..Time is now to give it another shout…….in all languages…..

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