Spotted in Sky Over the US: Why is it Being Kept a Secret?

Published on May 28, 2015 by Josh Tolley

Millions have seen it without even knowing. Now, one expert is saying that not only should we be worried but it/they may destroy the Earth in the process!

12 thoughts on “Spotted in Sky Over the US: Why is it Being Kept a Secret?

    1. Chemtrails not contrails,chemicals being sprayed on you,your family,your property. Do you grow a garden? If you have don’t you see a difference from years ago when a tomato plant or a green pepper plant would thrive would very little care,now most tomatoes have black spots and both plants start to die mid season,and it gets worse every year. CHEMTRAILS

      1. yes my crops got FUBAR’ed last year to the point i didnt even plant this year ..
        wish they would stop this practice , but its probably killing us and thats why it will never stop

        I want to come up with a barrier that is held above my garden stopping this shit from landing on my plants but still allow sunlight to come thru ,, or im going to go all greenhouse on them in the future , if that will even work

        1. We start all of our veggies indoors then transplant into garden…yes…even corn! It has been very dry here this summer (southern ND) so we had to do some hand watering but all veggies looking good …we don’t use any chemicals in the garden…we also have the property covered with orgone blasters which helps to dissipate the chemtrails….. this fall and winter we are going to grow all indoors in the greenhouse….just ordered a solar battery charger so we will have energy to the greenhouse when the gubment flips the switch……….must admit our tobacco did not grow quite as tall as last year you may want to check this out

    2. I dont think you’d be “wasting” any of your time getting up to speed with whats going on, and could very much impact you

    3. Agree! Video news is for geeks with more bandwidth and time on their hands than you or I. Give me a transcript at least and I can cut to the chase in seconds.

    4. The problem with video news is if you are on satellite internet, which is metered, you can easily go over the metered limit very quickly…loved the reliability of Wild Blue but because of strict metering, we had to switch to much more unreliable wireless internet towers, which, if hit by lightning (and except for Florida I don’t anywhere else gets more lightning than the mountains of west Texas), there’s no internet for hours, even days.

  1. Yes, I used to have to give away bushels of vegetables until people wouldn’t take them anymore. Now barely have enough for my family if I plant at all.

  2. It’s been going on for at least a decade, and it’s not going to stop until the pilots start getting their heads blown off, but no one seems to know how to find them. (that’s the chemtrail news)

    1. Agreed.

      Of course you still have those idiot MSM newspaper writers who feel the need to insult our intelligence and themselves with articles telling people that these are just contrails because there is more air traffic now than there was before. I just don’t get how they can go on living with themselves after writing shit like that.

      1. Alinsky Rule #5

        – is had to defend etc

        Ridicule is the weapon of choice for libs when the facts don’t support their position [agenda]

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