State Department: “Assad Regime is the Root of All Evil” in Syria Because He Stands in the Way of Greater Kurdistan

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

“The discovery in 2009 of a new gas field near Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Syria opened new possibilities to bypass the Saudi Barrier and to secure a new source of income. Pipelines are in place already in Turkey to receive the gas. Only Al-Assad is in the way“  

This video from RT is interesting on a number of levels. Among other things it shows the Obama administration is right on track in their efforts to build a new country, Greater Kurdistan, and Assad and all those Syrians who support the sovereignty of their nation are simply getting in the way.

First, the State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, claims that the Assad regime is the “root of all evil HERE”

One assumes (like I do in the title of this article) that Mr. Toner means “here” as “Syria” but in actuality, he means “here in DC”

However you take that statement to mean, what he is saying is in direct conflict with last weeks declarations from the Obama administration that they were giving themselves the authority to launch military strikes in Syria, not to target the Syrian military, but to combat “ISIS”

If the State Department is now coming forward and declaring the root of all evil to be Assad, not “ISIS”, then I guess it’s pretty clear who they mean to start attacking without a UNSC mandate and without authority from congress.

Another thing to remember is this: “SAS soldiers are disguising themselves as ISIS fighters

“The unorthodox tactic, which is seeing SAS units dressed in black and flying ISIS flags, has been likened to the methods used by the Long Range Desert Group against Rommel’s forces during the Second World War.

More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country on operation Shader, tasked with destroying IS equipment and munitions which insurgents constantly move to avoid Coalition air strikes…

Instead the teams, part of a force known as the Coalition Joint Special Operations Task Force, are under American command.

Dubbed “smash” the units, which travel in civilian pick-ups, can even launch their own unmanned aerial vehicles, or mini-drones, to scan terrain ahead of them and pinpoint IS forces.” Express UK

A couple of months ago the US decided to invest 500 million dollars training more “moderate” terrorists to fight against the Assad regime, a continuation of a program we have had in place for years. Unfortunately, they had only 60 fighters sign up for the operation and they were pretty much wiped out on their first operation three weeks ago.

So now, all of a sudden, we needed more fighters in Syria to continue to create the terrorism and chaos that has fashioned what Toner and many others are now describing as the “lawless regions” of northern Syria. And what we get is basically this:

isis defined

The Obama administration knows damn well they are not going to be able to keep up the lie that they are only targeting “ISIS” in the area for very long as the bombs start to drop on the legitimate army of the Syrian people who are successfully defending their country against our destabilization mercenaries known as ‘ISIS’, the Free Syrian Army or al Nursra.

Therefore, the “root” of the problem has to be redefined in the public mind. All this time we have been told we have to fight al Qaeda ‘ISIS” as the endless War OF Terror drags on. But now, it shifts because it has to.

Second, notice what is developing, this notion of the “lawless regions” in northern Syria. Why is that? Well, I wrote about that back in March:

As of late we’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of creating a new Kurdistan by expanding the “de facto” Iraqi Kurdistan into other people’s nations, namely Syria and Turkey (both being equally demonized in the press )

A recent call put out by the George Soros funded AVAAZ begs “progressive” readers to sign a petition asking President Peace Prize to please carpet bomb a northern corridor in Syria for “humanitarian” reasons.

The “alternative” Tea Party leader also got into the act recently, trying to drum up support for the same kind of action only he made the objective a bit clearer:

I would draw new lines for Kurdistan and I would promise them a country,” Rand Paul

Looks like he’s punching his ticket to a 2016 Vice Presidency, doesn’t it?Scott Creighton

The reality here is this: the masters of the universe have a game plan in mind and that is the creation of a Greater Kurdistan which will incorporate a good part of north-eastern Iraq, northern Syria and eastern Turkey.

When I first wrote about this and how a number of influential neocons and globalists had met at the Sulaimani Forum to discuss their new aspirations for a Greater Kurdistan (Petraeus, Zakheim and Barzani – Laying the Groundwork for a Bigger and More Corrupt Kurdistan at the Sulaimani Forum ) , unbeknownst to me (since they didn’t post a link back to my original article) Ekurd Daily, a rather popular online Kurdish publication, republished my article the next day.

Seven days later, a writer out of DC, Omar Sindi, wrote an answer to my article, apparently taking exception to the fact that I wrote about the many corruptions of Kurdish leadership (Scott Creighton- Willyloman: Don’t taint Kurds Aspiration with Corruptions!).  Of course it would have been nice had Mr. Sindi made me aware of his response to my article so that I could respond to his, but sometimes spin doesn’t work that way I guess.

Mr. Sindi has a long history of supporting the notion of a Greater Kurdistan. In fact, many Kurds do. There’s nothing wrong with that I suppose unless of course it involves carpet bombing and committing acts of terrorism against the people living in another country which just happens to currently occupy what you hope to be your new nation.

Of course the PKK in Turkey has been fighting a terrorism campaign for nearly 30 years now with that goal in mind. It was only recently that Erdogan and that group signed a peace agreement, which was promptly broken about a week ago when they killed two Turkish police officers they accused of collaborating with Assad. That is the act that sparked the recent bombing of Kurdish positions in Iraq by the Turkish military.

[Briefly in regard to Mr. Sindi’s reply to my original article: I would only like too say, you can’t wrap your globalist nation building aspirations around the hopes and dreams of the Kurdish people. From what I have read from numerous sources, life for the average Kurd living in Iraqi Kurdistan is not that much different than life for the average Iraqi living in the squalor of the remnants of Iraq under the rule of our puppet dictators. The Kurdish ruling class, personified by the corrupt puppet President Massoud Barzani, is about as neoliberal as any others out there who rule their people brutally on behalf of foreign investors and leaders. For that matter, Kurdish lives under Barzani remind me of those living under the likes of Mubarak, al-Sisi, Poroshenko and even Pinochet if you wish to bring up historical lessons from the past. (do I need to remind you of the fates of Kurdish journalists Kurdish Soran Mama Hama and Sardasht Osman when they dared to speak out against the corruption of the Barzani regime?)

Of course, in not so many words, you made that very clear yourself in your letter to President Obama back in 2012, didn’t you?

The Kurdish leaders have tried their best to advance America’s aims in Iraq.” Mr. Sindi

Yes indeed. The Kurdish leadership does in fact try their best to advance the aims of Wall Street, London and Tel Aviv in Kurdish Iraq. That’s for sure.

The problem here is, Mr. Sindi, it would appear that the people living in northern Syria (and many living in Iraqi Kurdistan) don’t particularly wish to do the same.

Now you might think of someone living in a glass house throwing stones at your efforts to help construct a Greater Kurdistan and to that end you are probably correct.

Forgetting for the moment that a nation existed on the territory of my homeland long before Columbus ever set foot on it, in reality, right now in this country, not one single politician can realistically hope to get “elected” without swearing alliance to these same powers that you yourself admit your leadership serves. That’s a fact. One that I write about and lament nearly every single day.

And in fact, we all know at this point what happens to leaders of nations who decide to go against the wishes of the masters of the Westernized universe like Saddam and Gaddafi and Morsi and Assad and Allende (if you wish to go back and revisit a little relevant history)

It understandable the deal Kurdish leadership has made with the devil: either they get an extremely influential Greater Kurdistan tailor made for them and all the profits/benefits that come with it, or they get wiped out and replaced by someone who will. Just ask the Taliban how that works.

That’s life in the real world. You should understand that, working in DC as you do. But let’s not try to sugar coat it or pass it off as something noble like our corrupt leadership does when they use their “humanitarian intervention” line in order to decimate a nation ruled by those who refuse to surrender to the masters of our leaders.

To observers of history, such efforts come across as merely shallow, hollow, desperate attempts to sell wars of conquest by war-mongering sycophants to power and nothing more. And that Mr. Sindi, might be a role you are willing to play in the creation of the Greater Kurdistan, but like any globalist spokesman (like Mr. Toner for example) you shouldn’t be surprised when someone decides to call you out on it (as I am doing with Mr. Toner for example)]

This is the agenda at play when you hear something along the lines of “the lawless regions of northern Syria”

The idea is to dislocate those areas that are under attack from our terrorist forces from Syria in general, make them a stateless region so that President Obama can remake them into whatever he and folks like Petraeus, Zakheim and Barzani choose to make them. In this case it will certainly be Greater Kurdistan.

Therefore the “root of all evil” will be any groups or forces that seek to hold that territory in the name of Syria.

It is in fact a war of aggression; of conquest. And nothing more.

War of aggression are the root of all evil. Terrorism in this case is the root of this particular evil in Syria and only one person ultimately bears responsibility for that and that person is President Peace Prize himself, Barack Obama.

Lastly, notice something else. There is a definite effort being made to demonize Erdogan taking place right now. This entire narrative of him aiding Obama attack Assad is designed for one thing: to break his popularity with his own people.

Notice, this whole thing started when he attacked the Kurds in Iraq because they killed two Turkish officers in their own nation. Also notice how that was precipitated by a bombing of Turkish people which killed 32 a few days before.

Clearly the Erdogan destabilization campaign is well underway.

Ask yourself why that is. Let’s review…

There is no Greater Kurdistan without a large part of Turkey being given-up in the process and as we all know, Erdogan is dead set against giving up land to the Kurds for such a deal.

Erdogan’s popularity (his party just won an election a couple of months ago by a large percentage) springs from a number of factors not the least of which is his support for Assad against the terrorism being inflicted on them by the West and his handling of the Kurdish terrorism campaign. That’s not too say there aren’t a lot of Kurds living in Turkey. But no all of them wish to live under the corrupt leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan. Were that to be the case, they would simply have moved there.

In reality, Erdogan also stands in the way of Greater Kurdistan and it’s only a matter of time before our illustrious leadership have to remove him as well in order to see their project through to the end.

They have been running various campaigns against him for a couple of years now. I remember writing about how they claimed photos of aid trucks were actually those of trucks taking munitions into Syria to give to ‘ISIS’. It was exposed as a lie then and they simply forgot about it and started other disinformation campaigns designed to undermine Turkish trust in Erdogan.

In regards to the RT video above, they themselves inadvertently play into the “demonizing Erdogan” propaganda and to do so notice they use sat images from Stratfor, a notorious disinformation agency backed by the CIA and other globalist entities.

The removal of Erdogan, like the removal of Assad, will user in a new age in that area of the world. The creation of a Greater Kurdistan, like the creation of Saudi Arabia, Kosovo or South Sudan, will bring with it great riches for those kinds of complicit, corrupt leaders who “tr[y] their best to advance America’s aims”

That is not by any stroke of imagination a controversial statement. It is proven time and time again by history.

What is interesting is how Mr. Toner has decidedly come forward with the administration’s new propaganda in order to advance that agenda. They couldn’t have made their plans more obvious with that one statement had they tried.

Barack Obama intends to spend the latter part of his duplicitous rule waging an all out war of aggression in pursuit of the creation of a new, complicit nation-state: Greater Kurdistan.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the root of all evil in Syria. Make no mistake about it.

2 thoughts on “State Department: “Assad Regime is the Root of All Evil” in Syria Because He Stands in the Way of Greater Kurdistan

  1. Yup and a whole bunch more. You just can’t fit all of the inhumane criminality into one post or article or book or encyclopedia. The only sins of that article are those of omission and are excused by sheer dimensions.

  2. We really need to straighten out Syria on this Kurdistan issue like we need to straighten our curly hair . I’d put moral values first but most would apparently wait until we’re bankrupt from fighting wars that rob us of our wealth and morality for the profit of the evil masters who rob and fool us every day. And that be 24 hours a day. Not to wax religious but evil is identified with satan and I see plenty of evidence that he exists. So call me desperate or what you will but I believe in God if for no other reason than the alternative is so prevalent.

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