State of Texas Makes Deal to Build Border Fence on Tribal Lands

Breitbart – by Randy Clark

EAGLE PASS, Texas — A new section of border fence is expected to go up locally as the result of a partnership between the State and the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas. The new section, constructed by the Texas Military Department, will be located south of Eagle Pass on tribal lands.

On Tuesday, officials with the Texas Military Department and the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol met with members of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe to discuss the border fence project. The exact scope of the project was not revealed. A Texas Department of Public Safety official says the project is part of Operation Lone Star.

“The border crisis has impacted the tribal reservation significantly. The tribal council has for the first time allowed a government to construct security fencing on the reservation,” Captain Joel Betancourt said.

The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe’s reservation is located eight miles south of Eagle Pass. The reservation is located on the banks of the Rio Grande. There, the tribe operates the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. The tribe also operates a pecan orchard and owns ranches in Texas and Mexico.

According to a source with the Border Patrol in the area, the tribe has always been a strong proponent of border security. The source says the tribe has allowed Border Patrol to place surveillance equipment and offer security assistance on their lands.

The source says the tribe is sympathetic to the economic plight of migrants crossing in the area but also recognizes the need for security to safeguard residents living on the reservation. In 2001, the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas allowed the installation of two remote surveillance towers to monitor what was then one of the busiest border crossing points for narcotics and migrants in the area.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, Governor Greg Abbott ordered the construction of more than two miles of border wall in Eagle Pass. Operation Lone Star has moved 10,000 National Guard troops and hundreds of Highway Patrol Troopers as well.

12 thoughts on “State of Texas Makes Deal to Build Border Fence on Tribal Lands

  1. I’m not there to see it, but it’s hard for me to understand this piecemeal wall-building. I mean if it only stretches so far, can’t someone easily go to the end of it and walk in? And isn’t this like building a dam to contain water but with openings here and there where water goes through?

    The wall thing has gone on for sooooo long. Is this just to appease those who see the necessity of a wall? And will a wall actually stem invasions since they fly thousands in from all over the place anyway?

    Is the unfinished wall a psy-op? A distraction?

    Piecemeal, adjective: characterized by unsystematic partial measures taken over a period of time.


    1. The whole wall thing is a psy-op.
      If there is no “Free Walmart”, there is no reason to be here short of battle.

      1. Thanks, Hal. Makes sense.

        Hey, yesterday you put in a Halism about a free mind. I liked it very much but today when I looked for it, I couldn’t find it. Anyway, it brought this quote to mind:

        “There is nothing more powerful and nothing more dangerously beautiful than a free mind.”
        — Bryant McGill


          1. Yeah, I think that was it. I thought it was yours and you were only jesting about Twain.

            A “Halism” is just some bit of wisdom you concentrate into a few words. 🙂


        1. (laughing)
          I only know a few words
          Anyway here’s his quote;
          In the first place, God made idiots.
          That was for practice.
          Then he made the school boards.

  2. Typical Republicans sit on their hands until election time then say what they’re going to do but half-heartedly.

    1. Typical Republicans?
      There are no Republicans. There are no Democrats. No liberals, no conservatives. No left, no right.
      There is just the law of December 15, 1791, or there is not, and right now there is not and this whole country is occupied under fraud and we will not have our freedom as individuals as long as this unlawful corporate United States is in occupation.
      Take all your collectives and shove ’em up your ass. The judicial authority in this country belongs to the individual and we are going to enforce our law and destroy every unlawful collective that is in violation of our law.

  3. Thanks Henry! I enjoy your responses!! There is no demo rat or republicon under our law!!! They might get a trial and it wont be pretty….. But We are going to decide. Henry is the one who has educated so many… He is my Brother!!!

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