2 thoughts on “Steppenwolf – Monster – Suicide – America

  1. Yep Good song. This one is for you if they move,kill them , and Slog Diamond 🙂 . I cannot believe that Ihaven`t thought of posting this one before you guys mentioned it on that False Wars, False “money”… False Flag Super Bowl? article @8:31 and @8:51 🙂 😎

    1. thanks and ill repeat myself..it was this song and the byrds 8 mles high that the fcc banned from the fm stations…8miles high is about their plane ride to London…drug song..nope…moster tells the horrible truth about the united snakes. the cover of monster is the lp cover..it was stolen from me..i still have the first 2 lps in mint condition…and don’t step on the grass sam..

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