Still Report #1094 – Correction Trump Hitman Phony Story

Published on Aug 4, 2016 by Bill Still

Just after midnight early, early this morning, I fell for a phony website. It is called I believe this is not just an accidentally incorrect story. I believe this story is a deliberate plant – probably funded by the Clinton/Soros lyin’, cheatin’, stealing, globalist, kill-off-America wing of Democrat politics.
Around 11 pm last night, my wife, Beth, sent me a story that just seemed to juicy to pass up. I was finishing up SR 1092 – ISIS Says Slave Trade Will Continue.
I was already falling asleep at the keys, but I just had to try to push through to get this Trump Hitman story up.
I should have recognized the warning signs. Warning sign #1 – it was too good to be true. The story read like a James Bond paperback.
Former FBI – declared dead 9 years ago – carrying a concealed Glock with a silencer – sneaks past security at the Trump Tower in New York – only to be caught by an alert Secret Service guy back at the Service elevator.
But I ignored the flashing red lights and plowed stubbornly ahead.
I managed to get the vid up on YouTube by somewhere around 2 am. Within minutes Beth comes walking in and announces that there might be a problem. She had just found an AP-written story that told a completely different story. It was released by AP at 8:02 pm and then picked up by ABC News sometime later.
I had done a quick Snopes scan. You can always trust Snopes to deride any story I would like. Nothing there.
I had checked Google News — and Google generally — sometime between midnight and 1 am. Not a whiff of the story.
But instead of thinking “ah-ha, nobody trusted that off-the-wall story that I should steer away from”; No, I thought, “oh good, they were all asleep and I’m gonna snag one of the biggest scoops of the year because I was awake when they were sleeping!”
Now, Beth’s AP story stopped me cold. ABC I can do without, but AP is solid and dependable. I was on the edge of exhaustion. There was just no way I could try to figure out the differences in the two stories just then.

It was also too late to call anyone unless they were in Australia.
My bleary brain struggled to process the information. After a few minutes, no – I couldn’t take a chance of being completely and totally wrong until mid-morning, so, after less than an hour visible to the world, I decided to take my story down. I took it off of about 10 places I put these videos up on, turned off my computer and crashed.
In the morning, I had many, many messages about my story disappearing. Was that, in itself, part of some get the Trump conspiracy?
I explained the circumstances briefly to each complainant, and as far as I know they all believed me.
Then, a major breakthrough. I got an IM from one of my favorite conservative news websites.
Why? Why did you take the story down? I explained the situation, one reporter to another. He believed me too, and then turned his attentions towards the fakers.
He asked them specifically what sources they had used. He got back a bunch of self-promotional hype, boasting about how they had broken this story and that one in the past; but no response to the question of the day – where’d you get your story?
After comparing the two stories in detail, I was now 90% sure that the story was based on a fake story conjured up to lure reporters like me into getting taken in and humiliated – to destroy – generally – the credibility of conservative reporters and commentators.
The Clinton operation is the only answer. The folks who run this website have zero advertising. On their website, they claim to have 4 people working 15 hours a day supporting Trump, but don’t explain how the thing is funded.
I don’t know about them, but I know I have to eat, make car payments and pay the mortgage.
Oh, by the way, in their response to my reporter friend, the fakers changed their tune; they claimed to be only a husband an wife team – you know, kind of like Beth and I. A Clintonesque clue – forgetting what lie they told to the last guy.
All of a sudden the string of lies just crystallized in my mind’s eye.
The thing that really gets me is they used the name of a real FBI hero, Barry Lee Bush.

Bush was killed in the line of duty chasing down a gang of bank robbers armed with assault rifles on April 5, 2007. To honor his memory, the Newark FBI Field Division even renamed its building after him 18 months later.

2 thoughts on “Still Report #1094 – Correction Trump Hitman Phony Story

  1. “I believe this story is a deliberate plant – probably funded by the Clinton/Soros lyin’, cheatin’, stealing, globalist, kill-off-America wing of Democrat politics.”

    And I believe THIS story is ALSO probably funded by the Clinton/Chump/Soros lyin’, cheatin’, stealing, globalist, kill-off-America wing of zionist propaganda, or at least from someone who genuinely believes a zionist billionaire/actor could be our savior.

    Painting trump and clinton as adversaries and standing on different platforms is ridiculous. They are both against US.

    “ABC I can do without, but AP is solid and dependable.”

    Pleeeeaaassee!? It sure is dependable, if you’re looking for zionist lies!

    The “color version” of that fbi a-hole @ 5:22 is clearly the fake one and poorly photoshopped, unless he is a midget(physically not mentally) or cinder blocks are really huge in his neck of the woods

  2. I too got zapped, it sure diappeared quickly.

    I also wonder why Assange Lawyer didnt get much new when he did suicide by train in the UK. Assange never even said anything. Did it happen?
    \That should have been all over the news i would think w all the Killary stuff?

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