Supporters of the Revolution Must Make Contingency Plans

With last week’s announcement by Rand Paul indicating that he will support Mitt Romney for president, we in the patriot movement found that, though the mainstream propagandists are down to single digits in credibility, they can still find ways to sting us.  Anyone would have to admit that Rand Paul’s announcement on Sean Hannity’s program should go down in the annuls of history as one of the sleaziest political moves ever initiated.

The act was designed to enrage Ron Paul supporters and in that it failed.  Speaking for myself, I was more sickened than angered and found that placing the blame where it belonged was a difficulty in itself.  The question was, was I more nauseated by the prospective betrayal of the Paul supporters by Dr. Paul or the betrayal of Dr. Paul by his son?

This purposeful act was specifically designed to disorient and divide the movement, and to allow it to succeed in the smallest degree would be a mistake.  We, the patriotic Americans of the American race, have 39 million of our hard earned dollars invested in this GOP fight.  Even if Dr. Paul retires from the contest, we cannot allow this resource to be wasted.  We do have a choice.

The so called Ron Paul delegates that will be going to Tampa are, in reality and by definition, our constitutional representatives.  They know of the treachery within the Republican Party establishment and that the fight all along has been to overcome this evil.  Our delegates are in place.  All we have to do is figure out how to best use them to hurt our enemy.

The international corporate elite, people like the Koch Brothers, have billions invested in maintaining the status quo through the Republican Party.  Our constitutional delegates represent a huge monkey wrench that we can throw into the mechanism.

The argument against punishing the Republican Party for disenfranchising us will be that the action will cause Barack Obama to be reelected.  To which we must respond that when it comes down to brass tacks there is no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Both are puppets of the elite and the havoc we will wreak will not be confined to the Republican Party as millions of Democrats have also defected and are now in our constitutional camp.

A constitutional delegate cannot support Mitt Romney as he is treasonous.  Likewise, in the general election, no constitutional delegate can support Obama without aiding treason.  This being said, the question at hand must be how do we use our constitutional delegates/representatives to harm our enemy?  We must debate this question as we prepare to invade Tampa.

Using our delegation to make Ron Paul our next president will be our first choice.  But if this is not an option we must lobby our delegates to another purpose, maybe even an Independent third party candidate.  One thing for sure, we cannot allow our $39 million and our delegates to be used to bolster the Koch Brother’s treasonous neo-con agenda in any way.  And if nothing else, we must do our best to destroy the one party system that has proven itself to be corrupt beyond any patriot’s tolerance.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Supporters of the Revolution Must Make Contingency Plans

  1. It is appropriate that Ron Paul’s prodigal son would enrage the Paulites with his act of treason, who have ushered forth Dr. Paul as a messianic figure, despite his reluctance. One would have to believe that 50 pieces of silver crossed someone’s hands.
    All sides must coalesce to fight the criminal class. Obama is a horrible candidate, ushering in the soft-kill eugenics program mislabeled Obamacare (have you seen the recent articles on fraud in cancer therapy/research, how the vaccine protocol is responsible for tremendous damage to our children, etc.). He did one thing right- he prevented Israel from attacking Iran and ushering in WWIII, but it’s not clear that he will stop an attack on Iran after an election, should he win. Let’s hope he can.
    Romney suffers from a worse fate than Obama- he inherits a Republican party which has been infiltrated by the criminally insane neocons, Israeli firsters who put loyalty to Israel well ahead of their obligations to their own countryman. Indeed, among his own National Security Advisors are Michael Chertoff and Dov Zakheim. Chertoff, a dual Israeli citizen, was the FBI official in charge of gathering evidence after the 911 false flag attack and during that time most of that evidence was either destroyed or shipped to China. These Israeli dual citizens can be such jokesters. He is also consultant to the firm that installed all of the radiation screening devices at US Airports which have an abysmal record of identifying anything of security noteworthiness, but which are believed to be cancer causing. Of course, his company will shift the burden of paying all of the victims of the cancer cluster his firm’s radiation devices will cause to RSA agents onto the American taxpayers. Like I said, quite a jokester.
    Dov Zakheim, also a Romney national security advisor and Israeli dual citizen, deserves particular mention and scrutiny, inasmuch as he was comptroller of the Pentagon during the period just before 911 when Donald Rumself mentioned (9/10/01) that more than 2.3 trilliong dollars was missing from the pentagon budget.
    Now, how’s that for the choices your criminal class gave to you?

  2. Send the Supremes to a re-education camp. Let them all know how much damage the Citizens United decision was. That one act of treason alone ruined America. We are surrounded by traitors.

    By the way, China exports are up 15% from last year. Not only that, they are the major players in making the most unrecognizable fake ID’s in the world, and it’s getting worse by the second. Not even the American experts can tell a China made American fake ID (driver licenses’ etc.)

    America is being infiltrated, and flushed down the toilet. China is stealing our natural resources, namely petroleum and using it to make goods to sell back to us.

    I would like to see Ron Paul talk more about this. Not enough discussion.

  3. First of all, the purported “ringing” endorsement appeared to me to be the minimum required to fulfill whatever requirement was being addressed. If anything, the advent of this development has laid bare the extent to which the constitutional republicans (Ron Paul people) are immune to the machinations of the GOP establishment.
    It is my guess that there has been some deal struck between the establishment and the Paul camp which includes the codicil of non-disclosure as a condition.
    It may be that the recent announcement by Rand was a clever gambit with the purpose of illustrating the extent to which his father’s supporters are intent upon sticking to their guns in their rejection of the deeply flawed Romney. After all, if the GOP insiders can plainly see that Paul’s supporters will not fall into line behind Romney even after Rand coughs up his endorsement, they may finally get the clue that Oromney is “dead in the water” after all. He will not win without the Paul supporters somehow being appeased to an extraordinary extent. They will prove their strength, instead, by going for Gary Johnson, or another third party option, without some astoundingly mitigating circumstances.
    I don’t claim to be some kind of political whiz-kid, but I have good reason to respect the acumen which has been amply demonstrated by Ron Paul. I don’t clearly understand what is going on, but I disagree that the Paul campaign has somehow been duped, as Mr Alex Jones seems to believe, rather the likelihood of the opposite being true is also possible, but for some reason, complete disclosure would not be in the interest of the American people or Paul’s candidacy at this time.
    For me it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound,” I didn’t abandon my apoliticality to support someone that I didn’t trust to have a strategy for straightening out the mess in Washington, and I am in no way going to give up on this chance for our posterity, and that includes NOT voting for Romney.
    Those of you who are content to watch our founders’ vision head over the precipice, have at it by voting for Goldman Sachs candidate A or Goldman Sachs candidate B, but don’t expect me or hordes of others to participate in your folly.
    After the big guns having been rolled out against Dr. Paul have done their worst, we have nothing more to lose and everything to gain, so “damn the torpedoes” and let’s wait and see what happens in Tampa. Paul is not soliciting donations any longer, so it can be inferred that he is set upon whatever course is in his mind, and has the means to carry it out. Godspeed to all liberty lovers.

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