Supporters stand by Bundy, despite controversial comments

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8 News Now – by Lauren Rozyla

LAS VEGAS — Following rancher Cliven Bundy’s controversial, and some said racist, comments, he extended a special invitation to people in the Hispanic and African-American communities to a barbecue for his supporters near the Virgin River Friday night.

The supporters at the party said their fight with the BLM is not over. 

[From the Trenches’ Wade]:  “This has just begun. They are about to do the same thing in Texas. And the Red River Valley, and they’re going to have another fight on their hands,” Bundy supporter Wade Michaels, who is from Las Vegas, said.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has allowed his cattle to graze public lands illegally for 20 years. When the BLM seized his cattle, armed supporters interfered, and the feds allowed Bundy to release them because of concerns over safety.

However, just as the Bundy movement gained momentum, a roadblock. 

“I’m a wondering. I’m a wondering, Cliven Bundy is a wondering about these people. I’m talking about the black community. I’m wondering, are they better off with their women aborting their children? Are they better off with their young men in prison?” Bundy said to supporters at a rally Thursday. 

The comments had many calling Bundy a racist. 

“They are statements infused with bigotry, and racism, and they are not to be tolerated,” Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., said Thursday. 

However, the rancher’s supporters say Bundy’s comments on race mean nothing. Alex Bieniecki, one of the armed militia groups patrolling the area, was still lining up at Friday’s barbecue to buy some Bundy gear. 

“I know for a fact that that man is not a racist and his words were taken out of context,” Bieniecki said.

All the proceeds from the clothes and pins go to help with Bundy’s expenses. 

“Regardless of whether somebody was racist or not, I believe in the right to be able to feel that way. If you want to be a racist in this country, you have the right to be a racist. It is when you hurt somebody, that you step over the line.” Bieniecki said.

After asking forgiveness, Bundy maintains he is not racist. Possibly to make good on those words, Cliven’s son Ryan Bundy ran to shake the hand of the only African-American man to turn up to their barbeque.

The man told 8 news NOW off camera that he doesn’t believe Bundy’s comments on race were meant to be intentionally offense.

3 thoughts on “Supporters stand by Bundy, despite controversial comments

  1. C’mon… wake up already. When do these people learn?

    What the hell did you think the Zionist media was going to do? What have they always done in the past? They’re there for the purpose of slandering the man, and next week he’ll be a racist and a pedophile too.

    I don’t know why they ever let the news crews in there, and why anyone even talks to them is beyond me. They should have been treated like the BLM, because they’re one and the same enemy.

    Too many people still judge their success or achievement by the mainstream media’s acceptance, when all they do is lie. It’s as if nothing can exist in some people’s minds unless the TV Gods confirm and approve of it.

    They don’t report news. They lie, slander, distort news, distract the population from everything important, and are in the “news” business for the sole purpose of leading the public around by the nose like lost sheep.

    And EVERYONE should have realized this many many years ago. When do the “awakened” people wake up?

    It’s frustrating that these lying Zionists still have the ability to create controversy where none exists. It’s as if people never learn from past mistakes, or have some undying faith in the mainstream media someday becoming honest reporters of the truth. Lois Lane and Clark Kent to the rescue once again.

  2. We’ll there you go Wade, you made it on the local news and brought to the viewers that Nevada is not the only place this is happening. Good job!

    I find it sick that this is now being made an issue of race. Bundy is not a racist in my opinion, but should have kept his mouth shut. The media can spin anything, and they will do anything to fan any flames they can find. The old tried and true factor of getting off the real reason for what is going on. Throw the heat off of BLM, and Dirty Harry and his china deal, and make it all about racism.

  3. God’s blessings on the Bundy family, and all the militia spending their time and energy to fighting for our freedoms in what used to be and still should be a free country. So many men and women lost their lives in battle for us to live In a Democratic society that is being taken away by greedy politicians.

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