Suspect in custody in shooting at San Francisco UPS facility

USA Today – by Elizabeth Weise, Jon Swartz

SAN FRANCISCO — Police had an unidentified person in custody following an apparently fatal workplace shooting at a UPS facility in the city’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.

Police sealed off streets in the area after the shooting, which took place around 9 a.m. local time. Several people were injured, and what appeared to be two bodies lay in the middle of a street outside the facility, covered with yellow tarps, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

San Francisco General Hospital, located about a mile from the facility, was put on alert and told to expect as many as six victims, including the suspect.

At the hospital, doctors were lined up outside the entrance to the emergency room, waiting for the injured. Spokesman Brent Andrew told the Chronicle that the hospital had accepted a few victims “and we’re expecting more.”

The large UPS processing facility is about two miles south of downtown. The four-story building, which covers an entire city block, is clearly visible along Highway 101 as drivers go into downtown San Francisco.

KPIX-TV reported that the shooting happened during the daily 9:00 a.m. morning drivers’ meeting. Auto shop owner Robert Kim told KPIX he heard five to eight rapid gunshots, then saw “a mob of UPS drivers” running down the street screaming “Shooter, shooter.”

A long column of two rows of UPS employees were escorted out of the building by armed police officers, KPIX-TV reported. The employees had sheltered in place within the building.

The shooting took place in a different part of the building from the area where UPS customers pick up and drop off packages. KCBS Radio reported that the shooter, a male believed to be a UPS driver, was taken into custody and was being transported to the hospital.

In a statement, UPS said local law enforcement had control of the facility and that the company was cooperating with the investigation. UPS could not give any information on the alleged attacker.

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  1. They must not have ‘spoken’ to that (anonymous) ‘source’ that claimed he killed himself… yet.

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