Suspicious! Closed Walmart Stores Haven’t Sought Any Permits for Plumbing Work

Published on Apr 15, 2015 by DAHBOO77

Employees of a Walmart in Brandon that abruptly closed Monday were among more than 2,000 employees nationwide who learned almost simultaneously they were being laid off.

In a nearly identical manner at every store, Walmart corporate officials visited the five locations, called an impromptu meeting in the back of the store and told employees that the stores would be closing that evening.

Besides Brandon, the affected locations were in Pico Rivera, Calif., Livingston, Texas, Midland, Texas, Tulsa, Okla.

We have learned that none of the five affected stores have sought any plumbing permits for future repairs.

“We’re in a holding pattern. We’re anxious to learn exactly what they’re planning,” said Pico Rivera City Manager James Enriquez, when we contacted him about the store’s closing Tuesday.

Enriquez says when Walmart notified the city Monday that it was closing the store, he offered his full support in trying to get it back open.

“My building official walked out there and didn’t see any work being done,” he said.

He said his office was unaware of any prior plumbing issues, but reached out to Walmart, offering to help with granting permits for work.

“We needed to do what we could, since about 500 people are without jobs,” Enriquez said Walmart has not contacted his office about obtaining any permits.…

46 thoughts on “Suspicious! Closed Walmart Stores Haven’t Sought Any Permits for Plumbing Work

  1. “We have learned that none of the five affected stores have sought any plumbing permits for future repairs.”

    This is truly pitiful. It’s such an obviously blatant lie that it’s almost as if they WANT the sheeple to know it’s a lie.

    They could have used a much simpler (and more believable) lie and merely said the stores weren’t cost effective.

  2. I call Jade Helm 15. We’ve heard in the past that Walmart could be converted to fema type facilities. Holding “pens” if you will. Look at the locations where the closings are. Am I being paranoid here?

    1. “Am I being paranoid here?”


      You sound just like one of them there ‘conspiracy theorists’! LOL

  3. A couple years ago, being a professional fence installer at the time, I worked putting a security fence up for one of the big box store chains and we were instructed to put the top three strands of barbed wire facing inward. Both Gary and I wondered WTF? It’s starting to make more sense now.

      1. Hey Deb, I’m certain they would be able to properly diagnose us all in one of their DSM4-R manuals and put us in their proper diagnostic category to enable them to improve your life through taking their drugs. “Here, take these green pills and schedule your next appointment in 90 days.”

        1. I recently pulled my 81 year old mother off ALL pharmaceutical crap, and she improved. Also, just busted her hospice company for insurance fraud ( I have physical evidence ). It’s still in progress. Can’t divulge any details now, but may post such in the future to warn others of the insurance abuse afflicting the dying and elderly . . .

          1. Oh goodness, I’m sorry to hear that mark, please don’t take my response to Millard in a derogatory sense, as I’m just kidding.

          2. Mark, I left the medical field because to play the “game”, you have to be “bought off”. Here I go to school to learn to help people and the whole gig, from the schooling to administration of services, is all a scam. Yes, there are ER doctors out there with noble intent, the rest of them, especially psychiatry, should all be shot, dumped in a ditch, and lit on fire. What you say, I’m cruel for thinking as such? What do you suppose they have in mind for us? “Do either of your parents have a gun in the house”, said Dr. Bendover. “If yes, well, I’m afraid we’ll have to put you into Child Protective Services and put your parents through the ringer for having a gun in the vicinity of a child.” Their mentality is, “We can’t have our children exposed to guns, they might decide one day to take them up and do something with them.”

          3. No worries Deb, I’m fully capable of keeping things ” in context ” 😉 Just have to stand my ground to protect my mother in her final years . . .

          4. Hey Millard,
            Ya, Eugenics began here, and the Rockefeller pharmaceutical death industry is a result. It’s up to us to say NO !!! I just stepped up. Oh, my late father was a sharp shooter, and for the last 52 years, since age 5 with .22 long rifles, I’ve been on it. Won’t disclose my stash publicly, but God help any squat team that kicks my front door in 😉

          5. I grew up with loaded firearms in the house. And yes, I got so mad at kids I ” felt ” like I wanted to kill them. NEVER EVER thought about grabbing the gun in the closet I shot so many times at 100 yards to do the deed. Good parenting which appears has been under attack for decades . . .

        2. Yeah Millard, the thing is… I prefer the pretty pink pills. Do you think they will work with me? Green is just not my thing. Hehe

      2. There’s nothing crazy about always batting around a possibility of something until it happens or is ruled out.

        Didn’t Sherlock Holmes say something like EVERYTHING’S A POSSIBILITY UNTIL IT’S RULED OUT…or something like that. I’m a strong adherant to that.

    1. Millard, you nailed it. When the barb / razor wire faces out, it’s to defend, when it faces in, it’s to contain . . .

      1. Wow, I don’t know how I missed that post # 1, it’s freaking scarey looking at what we have in front of us. I’m telling you, this whole Walmart shitz needs to be looked at closer.

          1. I’ve been around since late 2012, and it was a bad year for me for sure. I’m not surprised I overlooked it. Thanks for the link. It should be reposted considering the environment we are navigating through.

      2. I remember that report at the time and I did mention it to my friend, Gary, who was working with me at the time and he said, “Oh, your just paranoid.” He no longer thinks that way. He’s been awakened.

    1. Livingston,TX
      “They must employee, here in Polk County, close to 500 people,” said Betty Suarez. “What’s that gonna do to our unemployment rate?”
      Suarez said when Walmart opened in Livingston many years ago, many of the local grocery stores and other store were forced to shut down because they couldn’t compete with Walmart’s prices. Now, she said, they have nothing.
      “Well, it looks like we’re gonna be shopping in Cleveland or Huntsville or Woodsville or Lufkin,” Suarez said. “(Because) we have nothing here.”

      “The only problem is the closest store is 30 miles away.”

      1. Market analysis complete, a mom and pop grocery store may survive in a vacuum like that. Weren’t things so much better when the “mom and pop” stores were thriving and Sam Walton hadn’t driven Mainstreet America out of business? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I miss those days.

        1. Mom & Pop’s built this country, and the big-box corporations are destroying it and our culture . . .

        2. I don’t think Mom and Pop stores will be returning any time soon. Not with our treasonous government enforcing all of the corporate regulations. I guess these people will be shopping at Target. That would be an even worse place, seeing as how their credit/debit card scanners are all hacked and they still haven’t changed their machines. Better break out the cash and hope you don’t be labeled a terrorist for carrying large bills on you. 😉

          1. They don’t have a Target in Livingston (we know the town well).
            Agreed, I don’t see the Mom & Pop’s coming back to that town any time soon. 🙁

          2. Well then, I guess the people of Livingston better stock up. It’s going to be a rough 6 months, if not more.

        1. Yup. Admin. did it. 😉 As I was copying the link to email it to them for re-posting, I saw that it had already been posted. 😀

          1. Cool, so Laura’s a superhero. As if we didn’t already know that! She’s flashiest than the flash. Hehe 🙂

  4. Something EVIL this way comes……..Yesterday heard 9 days of terror but since i see so much in a day I dont remember where or what I was watching.

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