Syria, Iran, and the Merchants of War

100 more Syrian protesters/rebels were killed in Syria over the weekend, resulting in the US dictator Barack Obama and his insurgent allies to announce that they are paving the way for an aerial blockade on the Syrian-Turkish border.  As of the writing of this article I could find no clear definition as to what an aerial blockade is.  However, from the information that is available the action would seem to entail a no fly zone within the Syrian border to be enforced by US led NATO air forces, which would apparently involve dropping bombs.

Is this Libya Part II?  You will remember the no fly zone in Libya quickly turned into an all out air offensive in support of the Al Qaeda rebels in that country.  If this planned aerial blockade goes forward in Syria, we will see it expand overnight into yet again another full scale air war in support of Al Qaeda.

Russia and China are reportedly angry over US comments on Syria.  Both of these countries have made it abundantly clear that any incursions into Syria or Iran by the US and Israel will be considered a threat to their vital interests in the region.

It would seem that the industrial war complex, in league with the Kosher Mafia, is determined to become involved in the Syrian Civil War.  It is also abundantly clear that any such interference may very well lead to World War III.

US foreign policy in the Middle East and Northern Africa has been and continues to be a disaster.  Following the burning of at least four copies of the Koran at the largest American base in Afghanistan, anti-American protests broke out.  And in the days that have followed, up to and including today, violence has escalated in the form of suicide bombings.

The burning of the Korans is being portrayed as an “oops” accident.  However considering past incidents involving the religious tensions in the area, one is left to wonder.  Does anyone think those in the industrial war complex are shedding any tears over the increased violence the incident has caused?

A Cumberland County Magisterial District Judge in Pennsylvania dismissed charges against a Muslim immigrant who attacked a member of the Parading Atheists back in October of 2011 because he was wearing a Zombie Mohammad costume.  This incident has invoked anger among some Americans as the Muslim was not only allowed to assault an American citizen because he felt insulted, but the American citizen was chastised by the judge for exercising his 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.

I believe there is a propaganda campaign being supported by covert actions specifically designed to restore anti-Muslim sentiments among the American people in an effort to restore the war in Afghanistan and facilitate a Syrian and/or Iranian invasion.  I think the industrial war complex and the Israelis are working to keep US troops in the Middle East, as the plan for the third world war necessitates their being there.

We must all pay close attention to the developing situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as we also monitor troop and equipment deployments to places like Australia, which indicate resources being put into place to facilitate a world conflict.

The enemies of peace are diabolical in their ambitions and it would appear that they are presently setting the stage for an annihilation of human life on a scale that the average citizen cannot even imagine.  We the citizens of the United States, as a people, must continue to voice our objections to any further interventions by our military anywhere in the world.

If we can just hold on for a few more months, we can get Ron Paul into the presidency and begin the long climb back out of this death hole we have dug for ourselves.

God give us the strength to survive the final round.

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