Syria, the Gateway to World War III

Al Qaeda in Syria are losing ground in reference to their uprising and the cry is coming from every mainstream media source for the United States to “Stop the slaughter.”  The footage coming out of Syria is truly heart wrenching, especially the dead and wounded children.  Syrian rebels are saying, “The world is culpable” and “All should be ashamed.”

The truth is the Syrian rebels should have known what they were getting themselves into.  The current president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s father also put down many coups during his reign, in particular ordering the Hama massacre of 1982, which has been described as “the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”.

What in the world made them think it would be different this time around?  Maybe they shouldn’t have listened to the Mossad and CIA agents who no doubt assured them that the United States would come in and remove Bashar al-Assad if they would just get a war started.

This Syrian issue is none of our business and the only way there will ever be peace in the Middle East is for all non-Middle Eastern governments to get back out of the way and allow them to settle their own differences amongst themselves.

In one piece of footage a Syrian was shown holding a dead child and saying, “How could you allow this to happen?”  He made the statement in English, so I assume this bit was for consumption by the American public in order to instill outrage.

Well this American will answer that man.  We didn’t allow this to happen.  You Syrians caused it and now your plan is for the US to come in and kill the children of your enemies, overthrow your government, and hand the power over to you, so you can be the new dictator.  I truly wish you people would stop killing one another, but quite frankly, as I said earlier, the trouble you’ve gotten yourself into is none of our Yankee business.

Another piece of footage had a Syrian saying, “We have no food and no electricity.”  Well you know what?  Millions right here in our own country have no food and electricity.  Why?  Because our share of our country has been spent fighting foreign wars to procure further Israeli control of the Middle East.

In Libya Al Qaeda now have control, thanks to the United States.  In Egypt Al Qaeda now have control, thanks to the United States.  I will be blunt; we Americans are sick and tired of seeing our young people coming home, maimed or in body bags, and Al Qaeda, who did these terrible things to them being put into power in other countries, using our military might and wealth.

We must get Ron Paul into the presidency before it is too late.  Watching the propaganda, there can be no doubt that the Israeli Zionists running our government have every intent of getting us into World War III before we can elect Dr. Paul and stop them.

God smite the warmongering Zionists.

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