Unemployment Numbers Falling and the Repetitive Lie

Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.  The economy is improving.  Iran is our enemy.  Israel is our friend.  And Ron Paul cannot be elected president of the United States.  These are not just repetitive lies, this is propaganda being forced and reinforced from a hundred different angles, right down to the cops beating our people in the streets.

We have seen 23 months of steady job creation.  This is the latest lie being perpetuated.  Do the elitists think that the poor and middle class have no memories, or is it that in putting drugs in our water and food they believe they have reduced our memory span to two weeks?  I believe most can remember the last three years quite well as they have been hard years, and for those at the bottom, a living hell.

Mitt Romney is on the stump preaching that the 8.3% unemployment rate being put out is a big fraud, constructed of smaller frauds.  Romney is saying the true unemployment rate is 15% and that number is a fraud.  Ron Paul is a lot closer, saying 22%.  The true number is closer to 30%, and climbing.

The propagandists responded to Romney’s assertions by saying 15% is the pessimists’ view, and 8.3% is the optimists’ view.  Mind you, none of them are denying that the 8.3% number is fictitious, a fake, a lie, a fantasy.  They say they are pushing the fraudulent number to instill confidence in the American people.  Confidence in what?  The fact that the mainstream media is incapable of telling the truth?

They want us to believe our naked king is wearing a new suit of clothes so we will feel better and be confident and vote him back into office.  No sale.  Obama is standing there butt naked and to imply otherwise is an insult to our intelligence.  They say 23 months of job growth.  Obama’s presidency is a complete success.

We all will remember when the manipulation of the numbers began back in November when the reality of our situation and its inevitable consequences had become frightfully clear to the majority.  Our people had taken to the streets and were demanding a stop be put to the theft.

In August of 2011 the report came out, zero jobs created.  This number could not be allowed to stand because the truth it represented declared that Obama was not going to get a second term.  So they revised the number, hence lied about it.  They said, come to find out there were actually 50,000 jobs created.  Mind you this was two months after the fact.  And tell me this, how is it possible to legitimately make a 50,000 jobs error and not find out about it until two months later?

Also it was revealed that back in 2008 the percentage of foreclosures was deliberately reported 20% short in the calculation.  And what was their excuse?  It was a real bad situation and they didn’t want people to know just how bad.  Why?  Because we might lose our confidence?

We the American people of the American race should be attacking these lying bastards.  They actually think they are going to cram another four years of elitist theft down our throats.

Right now they are testing the waters because they are telling us they are lying while they are lying to us.  We should be on our phones and emails to every one of our representatives letting them know that if they fail to speak out and condemn these wanton lies they will not be reelected when their next term comes up.

Hell what am I saying?  We are not going to make it that far.  This new batch of lies represents the final nails in the coffin of peaceful revolution.  We must make these arrogant bastards pay for what they have done and are doing to us.

Support Ron Paul and prepare for war.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Unemployment Numbers Falling and the Repetitive Lie

  1. Yeah…and as if that’s not enough…Kim Kardashian is “losing millions and heading for a breakdown”….yep…that’s right! Saw the headline on a magazine in line at the store today.

    Somehow we’ve just got to help this poor girl…but NO! Do any of you even notice? NO! You just keep whining about your own petty problems! “OHH…I lost my job…waaah… and there aren’t any available…waaaah…. and I’m losing my place of residence….waaah… and I can’t afford food and I’m losing my freedoms….waaah”…and on and on and on…Selfish and heartless…that’s what you are. Shame!

    Do you realize what just happened to poor little Kim? And what about Demi? EH? Do you have any idea what it is to have enough wealth to last 50 lifetimes and be so screwed up you can’t even eat the gourmet food served to you by your employees?

    C’mon folks…let’s stop obsessing about our own petty problems and have a little compassion for those who are REALLY suffering! EH? Time to catch up on the news a little…mmmkay? Yeah…that’d be greeeat! Me…me…me…geez!

    1. My God!!!! Please forgive me I didn’t know. You are so right, I’ve become so enveloped in my own situation that I completely lost my moral priorities. I swear to you, I did not know Kim and Demi were in such dire straits.
      I’ve got to go now, I feel so fucking petty and sick with myself.

      1. Now, now, Henry…that’s ok…you’re good enough…and you’re smart enough…and goldarn it…people LIKE you!

        I’ll send you a link where you can donate your food budget to help these unjustly mistreated and downtrodden souls…in the meantime just really feel good about yourself for having at least snapped out of your self indulgent stupor.

        BTW…”The Donald” lost 12 more hairs today…and a dog jumped up on him at a party and ripped one of his Versace suits…didn’t know that did’jya? Poor guy! Somebody also put a scratch on one of his Bentleys at the same party. Have a heart man…have a heart!

        1. Thank you, brother. Even a single voice offering the hope of redemption means more than you can know. I will never forgive myself, but maybe, just maybe, in time I will be able to live with my sins, which you just compounded in enlightening me to the unfair, unjust treatment of Mr. Trump…thank you very much!

          1. I didn’t mean to burden you further with additional guilt…but….yeah…I guess you deserve it.

            Suggest 4 foot 2×4 to the end of which is attached 6″x1″ strips of rawhide (#4 flat head nails work well…you can bend the points over if they penetrate the 2×4). To the opposite ends of the rawhide strips are attached several 1″ #8 brass wood screws (six per strip end covering the last 1.5″ is sufficient).

            You now have a very efficient self flagellation instrument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellation

            Carry on in the name of freedom and justice for few.

  2. Henry and Brian, I’m supporting and I’m preparing, and I’m still pissed off that they don’t supply beer at this fucking shelter. Demi found out, and now she won’t come over anymore. That’s OK. She don’t look too good soaking wet anymore, anyway. Ah, the plight of the homeless.

    1. Yeh…so wataya really missin’ deah? OOOO…ey..whatevah…da beah? dat’s anuddah ‘ting…oooo…dat’s a bad one…sorry ’bout dat one….(really!)

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