Syrian rockets hit Israeli-occupied land


Israel deploys soldiers at its border with Syria as residents support recent air strikes, while members of a Syrian opposition coalition condemn the raids and call on all foreign fighters to leave Syria.

Two rockets fired from Syrian territory have exploded inside the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, authorities say.  

The rockets exploded in a field near the ceasefire line in the southern Golan, an Israeli army spokeswoman said. They did not cause casualties or damage, AFP reported.

The rocket fire was “apparently connected to the situation inside Syria,” she added, suggesting Israel was not targeted but that it was a spillover of fighting between the Syrian regime and rebels.

“The Israeli army combed the sector the rockets fell in and informed the UN forces deployed in the Golan,” the spokeswoman said.

The rocket fire came as tensions between Syria and Israel soared after Israeli air raids on targets in the Syrian capital on Sunday (Monday, NZT).

The Golan Heights have been tense since the beginning of the conflict in Syria more than two years ago, but there have been only minor flare-ups in the region so far.

Syrian shells have crashed in the occupied area and Israel has fired at the source in retaliation, AFP said.

Israel, which is technically at war with Syria, has occupied 1200 square kilometres of the Golan Heights, which it annexed, since 1967.

The international community has never recognised Israel’s annexation of the territory.

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) has been stationed in the Golan Heights since 1974 to oversee a ceasefire.

7 thoughts on “Syrian rockets hit Israeli-occupied land

  1. And what is the United Nations doing about the theft? Big Zero! But when Saddam did the same—massive killings

    1. Saddam did nothing of the sort. He tried to stop Kuwait stealing Iraqi oil but the UN didn’t care.

  2. So, it sounds like the same old thing. Harmless rockets land in an empty field fired from Syria, or Gaza(name your culprit at the moment), and no one knows for sure, except, for sure it is an enemy. KNOWN FACT…..Isreal has covert troops inside Syria. Enough said. I expect an ammonia “bomb” next.

  3. I’m not so sure any of it anymore is what it seems or appears to be. A whole lot a deception and end run game playing here. Why would all the sudden the rebels …rebel against Isra-Hell bombing Syria?…..This dayum mess no longer adds up…..

    seems now the two factions (NWO PLAYERS/CONTROLLERS) are having a little arm twisting spat among themselves… This crap is busting at the seams in the attempt to keep us asleep and dead.

    1. I suspect that the RSA(Real Syrian Army) is kicking the crap out of the FSA(Foreign Scumbag Army). I have heard that the RSA is pushing the FSA out of many areas that the FSA supposedly had an iron fisted grip on.
      Subsequently Israel bombs the RSA and their recent strategic gains, trying to make openings for the FSA who then all sit back and cry ‘Allah Akbar’, ‘Death to Israel’, and ‘it only looks like we are Zionist stooges, honest’.
      Then the MSM reports that Syria has been bombed by Israel, somehow crossing a red line drawn in Syrian blood and misinterpreting it as Iranian malfeasance(the general public are pretty dense).
      And people wonder why I am a dedicated misanthrope.

  4. I find it interesting that none of the rockets fired into Israel ever seem to do any real damage and always seem to fall harmlessly into a field. Yet we are to believe that Israel is being targeted by “evil Mohammadians” who want to wipe them off the face of the map.

    Seriously….are we supposed to believe that all of Israel’s “sworn enemies” are this incompetent?

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