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Take a Stand for the Truth

We are asking everyone who visits From the Trenches World Report to donate a dollar to help with expenses.

Back on December 2nd we called on the three to four thousand readers who frequent From the Trenches every day to step up to help us with donations.  Of those three to four thousand, apart from those who have helped all along the way, only forty nine answered the call.   

What was to be our birthright of freedom and liberty was gained through sacrifice of which none have known since its occurrence.  Freedom requires sacrifice to be established and constant sacrifice to be maintained.  Many of our forefathers who first sacrificed for our freedom lost everything, some their lives, but they did establish the freedom.  We, through our failure to sacrifice, have allowed that freedom to slip away.

There have always been those who would not compromise their rights and they have sacrificed. The price of the sacrifice being born by fewer and fewer became greater and greater.  In this country where we claim truth and justice to be our motto, we see truth punished as acquiescence to the lies is rewarded. In defense of common rights, those who would not compromise have lost jobs, family, and even their lives.  As the stick was applied, fewer and fewer stepped up to face the hazard.

Truth is despised when it upsets the comfortable lie.

Truth is despised when it reveals that the military that we have been conditioned through political correctness to worship, not only has not defended our Bill of Rights, our common law, our freedom, but rather has been used to destroy these ideals.

Truth is despised when it reveals that the collective institutions called churches are nothing more than international corporations, working toward our demise.

Truth is despised when it reveals that those who vote in what they know to be a military occupational election are a minority of traitors, by definition of the English language.

Truth is despised when it reveals those calling themselves patriots are only looking to establish their own form of control over the individual as a means to their own end.

There is no such thing as a lesser evil.  Evil is evil and that is the truth.  There is no such thing as a half truth, as the other half has to be a lie, and the only truth is a colored lie.

From the Trenches is dedicated to the truth. Some do not like us because we refuse a lie that pretends them to be heroes.  Others do not like us because we refuse a lie that represents power and control for them.  Some would say that we are divisive because we will not accept just a little lie in the name of uniting.  We would ask, who wants to unite under any degree of a lie, knowing that it is the acquiescence to the lie that has brought us to this desperate hour.

I never dreamed that there were people calling themselves Americans who would scorn the truth and embrace a lie that would serve their vanity, even as they knew it was destructive to their country.

The Trenchers who contribute the articles and bring the comment section to life do so, not to feather their own beds, but out of a yearning to see the truth prevail, to see the ideals that could have made this country a true bastion of freedom and liberty prevail.  An unselfish sacrifice in the face of an onslaught of immoral assertions that say crime does pay and good guys finish last.

We at From the Trenches have always brought you the truth as best we can discern it and we have seen that truth cherry picked by those looking to capitalize on a miserable situation.

There is a burden to be borne in the sacrifice for the truth and we need more than forty nine people out of three to four thousand to step up.  If you do not want to see the truth further diluted to the point that it is no longer discernable, you need to help us in this fight.

Those who worship the lie as it serves them to control their fellow man spare no expense in throwing wealth toward the destruction of the truth.  It is just a fact that the only way we can fight the wealth of a few who support the lie is through the sacrifice of the many who support the truth.

It is easy for the enemy to throw the wealth they have stolen from us toward our final destruction.  It is hard for we who have been dispossessed to sacrifice more of the little we have, but once again the burden must be borne.  Those of you who do not step up make the burden heavier on those who cannot turn their back on the truth and see our great country, our freedom and liberty destroyed by the lie.

History will judge us all.  If the truth fails it will be on the shoulders of those unwilling to sacrifice, who acquiesced to those who serve the lie.  Our children and grandchildren are on the line and those the lie serves would sacrifice their fellow man, their children, and their grandchildren for their comfort zone provided by the lie.

Again, history will judge.  Help us.  Donate.  Support the truth that will set you free.

God bless the Bill of Rights, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free nationals of the united States of the Americas shall prevail.

Post Script: If you donate to From the Trenches, you will receive an acknowledgement of your donation.  If you do not, we need to know.  As we have stated we are under constant attack and are aware of donations being attempted that will not go through.

This is what we are up against: 

Bill Jarett says:

My regular newsletter emails to my Yahoo account for “From the Trenches” ceased a few days ago, along with WND, Sibel Edmonds “Boiling Frogs/Newsbud” and a few other sites. I had not changed any settings nor blocked them. IF you have had a sudden drop-off in traffic recently- here is one of the reasons.

The war on the alternative media is stepping up into high gear…

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38 Responses to Take a Stand for the Truth

  1. mary in ND says:

    very well stated. If those four thousand would just send ONE dollar per month…..bam, problem solved! I have heard others speak about donations not going through. Postal money orders are great. I wrap my paper in foil and mail it. It has never failed. This is a great site. I would be so disheartened if it wasn’t here. It is the first site I go to in the morning and the last before I call it a day. Henry, Laura, JD and you Trenchers are my connection to what is REAL. ONE dollar from all four thousand of you……….can’t even get a cup of decent coffee for that.

  2. Norm says:

    Yes we all need to step up and fully support this program and the intel report….Just get into the habit of sending a few bucks routinely…..

    Eventually, many more folks will be migrating from sites like infomercial wars, and other sold out programs, people are seeking a place of clear, rational “Honest” thought and dissemination of truth. Not to be sold a bunch f’n snake oil crap…..

    Jones has completely betrayed his original base of support that created him with his Faux activism….I post the link to this site over there and elsewhere as much as possible….We all should do this everywhere…

    It’s late in the day & we need to be clear in our understandings, FTTWR does that.!!

    As Andrew said yesterday, the common denominator here is The Bill of Rights and Common law, everything else falls away if we simply embrace this core understanding….

    So, yeah donate as much as you can afford and as often as you can…..
    1-10 bucks every payday and we can really move this site and our people into a much broader base of listeners, whom, will come to learn that the NWO Veil is large and it encompasses people like Jewnes, Savage (Weiner), Drudge, and the ilk…..that’s why they are as big as they are…

    if they aren’t actual, well placed counter intel agents (Can’t see how they aren’t at this point), then minimally they have just SOLD out for the mammon.

    Thanks Henry, JD, Mark and all who make these shows possible….will be donating as usual come next payday…. many hands make lite work…….

  3. Frank Face says:

    I’m a firm believer that voting with ones dollar is more important then voting for a politician, lets cast our votes to keep the trenches up and running (would you rather go to infowhores or cucklistednews?).

    You missed my credit with the NPR article read on Monday’s program though 😛 (I feel like Dustin Hoffman in Wag The Dog lol).

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “From the Trenches is dedicated to the truth.”

    Exactly why I post nowhere else, and haven’t for well over 3 yrs. now.

    If things work out as I hope they will, I’ll be able to help some again, Henry.

  5. Deb says:

    Truth will never be sacrificed, liars will try but will never succeed. We will prevail. Love to all my friends here in the trenches.

  6. DL. says:

    Will (as I think I did last time) send cash wrapped in foil through mail. won’t use paypal or any other traceable source. Anonymously is the only way I will donate. If post office screws up (and Henry if you didn’t get my donation, blame the post office!), sorry, but that’s me.

  7. I_Hate_Them_All says:

    How do you donate by snail mail?
    I’d be more than happy to send a few bucks a month I just want to do it in cash or money order.

  8. I_Hate_Them_All says:

    Donation sent snail mail from the Midwest. Keep up the great work.

  9. KOYOTE says:

    om the first of march, ill mail in

  10. Bill Jarett says:

    Something you may not be aware of:

    My regular newsletter emails to my Yahoo account for “From the Trenches” ceased a few days ago, along with WND, Sibel Edmonds “Boiling Frogs/Newsbud” and a few other sites. I had not changed any settings nor blocked them. IF you have had a sudden drop-off in traffic recently- here is one of the reasons.

    The war on the alternative media is stepping up into high gear…

    • mary in ND says:

      Agree with ‘The war on the alternative media is stepping up into high gear’……I have been printing out articles that I deem important so I have a ‘hard copy’ of the info I want to be able to refer to at any time.

  11. Sean Taeschner says:

    I would continue to donate to your show if you could be less angry over the air and stop sending return e-mails that tell listeners that you do not agree with to go to hell.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Sean, if I would allow money to control me, I could have done it a long time ago, for a whole hell of a lot more than your donation. I am who I am. If my demeanor upsets you, maybe you can find somebody else to do what I do the way you want it done.

    • Misty says:

      I have never seen anger……passionate in his beliefs yes. I stand with him and he will always allow others passion as well.

    • Norm says:

      You think Henry is “Angry”….if you ain’t ten times as angry as him and the rest of us who know wtf is going on in this tyrannical world, then there is something wrong with you…..!

      When we feel like going postal and ripping these maggots throats out for far, far less than the British crown ever did to our forefathers..

      FTTWR is where I keep myself calm and restrained…..

      “When your temper goes forth, withhold your hand” & “When you Hand goes forth, withhold your temper”….wise words, but at some point, were gonna have to go psycho on the NWO’s ass……

      Thank god for Henry, JD and all those who continue to spread real knowledge and truth….regardless of the delivery of the message….

      Just go buy some tangy tangerine and super male boner juice from AJ over there at infomercial wars……Henry seeks not your council……

      • Martist says:

        Yep. If you’re NOT 10x past angry over the systematic genocide and enslavement of US, our children and others while flying our flag, the robbing and raping of OUR coffers and land and the destruction of the earth we live on for profit, power and greed, I just don’t know what could EVER get someone sucked off. All those crimes are not just fightin’ words, they are charges, and WHEN not if, those who aid and abetted or facilitated through apathy are equally guilty and should do the s**t dance together.

      • KOYOTE says:


    • Enemy of the State says:


      why arnt you pissed enough?

  12. flee says:

    Drum roll pleazzzz.

    Stand …in the end you’ll still be you.
    One that’s done all the things you set out to do.
    There’s a cross for you to bare.
    Things to go through if you’re going anywhere.
    For things you know are right.
    It’s the truth that’s the truth makes them so up tight.
    For the things you want are real.
    You have you to complete and there is no deal.
    You’ve been sitting much to long.
    There’s a permanent crease in your right and wrong.
    There’s a midget standing tall..and a giant beside him about to fall.
    They will try to make you crawl and they know what your saying makes sense at all.
    Don’t you know that you are free…well at least in your mind if you want to be.

    Sly and The Family Stone.
    Song : Stand.

  13. charlie brown says:

    i sent a snail long ago

  14. Norm says:

    I had a dream, yesterday afternoon, everything was completely in war and chaos, it was as if all was lost, but a few of us who remained, went balls to the walls and fought with every last thing we had….

    I awoke and did not see the result, but it was in the spirit of resisting overwhelming odds and technology that I felt such hope, simply knowing that when the time comes, regardless of the reality of certain demise, that I will stand, I will do what needs to be done….

    The last I remember in the dream was, I chambered a 50 bmg and took out a huey, and our team kept marching forward to the battle…..that was all….I woke up and ran a marathon today….it was tough,,, but I placed 3rd in the 50-59 age group….not too bad I guess…:)

    DTTNWO-Death to tyrants and tyranny in “Our” lifetime…not our kids, let us not leave this fight to them if possible…..

    • mary in ND says:

      yowza Norm! first…congrats on the marathon……I too had a dream (last night) ……chaos as well but I was somewhere in an apartment building (weird because I live in a very small town without anything taller than 2 stories) and it was being evacuated……people were arriving in cars to get their family members and many men had ARs on them …..I do not have an ending as my dog and cat decided it was time for their breakfast and woke me up!

  15. Mike King says:

    I would if you had a PayPal link.

  16. Ruth says:

    I will be sending you a donation for April….I will let you know by email…when it has been sent. Thank you Henry, Laura and JD for all you do.

  17. Bill Jarett says:

    UPDATE to my original post cited at the end of the article:

    I have repeatedly added “From the Trenches” and the other listed sites to my email lists. None show up in my Yahoo Email, nor are they filtered out- just simply never receive any of them. I have to follow my bookmarks directly to the site, my Yahoo email treats you as if you no longer exist. Have given up on receiving the email sampling of your articles…

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