2 thoughts on “Taken for a Ride (Full Length Documentary)

  1. At about the 30 minute mark is a familiar refrain,
    “Think about the children. It’s about the children.”
    It looks like sometime in the sixties from the clothes and hair.

    The more things change the more they stay the same!

  2. This documentary brought back a lot of memories. Even growing up in Podunk out nowhere in the Boonies, there was train service with a depot an hour’s drive away, and my grandmother took me on a marvelous trip by train to Chicago. Then in the late 50s under Eisenhower’s watch into the 60s, there was a flurry of construction, and train service soon ceased. The beautiful old huge cottonwoods by the road were felled, and construction dust and noise filled the air.

    Eisenhower had the politician’s art of sincerely lying down pat, saying one thing to the public while signing the backroom deals for corporate interests. It’s clear that corporations have been squeezing the life out of us in a long slow strangle for more than a hundred years, using the same tactics of infiltration, government revolving doors, false front businesses, and buying off/blackmailing congress, all the while feeding the public more pablum ad nauseum.

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