Tech News: Look inside a nuclear silo where floppy disks are high tech

I found the antiquated technology quite shocking.

Published on Apr 28, 2014 by Darren Kerrick

Look inside a nuclear silo where floppy disks are high tech.
In the aftermath of a major cheating scandal, the US Air Force is on a PR offensive. A CBS News crew recently toured a nuclear control center in order to shoot a segment for 60 Minutes. In a behind-the-scenes video released online, CBS’ Lesley Stahl talks through her experience touring the facility, revealing her surprise at the aging equipment and relatively inexperienced staff. At one point, a staff member shows Stahl a still-used 8-inch floppy disk, highlighting the tech of the ’70s that helps power the US’ nuclear deterrent.

5 thoughts on “Tech News: Look inside a nuclear silo where floppy disks are high tech

  1. Look, I’m HIGH TECH 2…
    (DANGER: rm afta 60 day at photo host)
    See and weep.
    Yeah I have dual 8 1/2 ” Floppies (don’t make me FIRE them UP! @)
    What a retarded JOURNALIST!!! Ya all know what I mean?!

    Do you know how SLOW these systems are?
    Yeah I got the 4 MHZ 16 bit XEROX tower also…. It cost $40 K originally! IDIOTS!!! I got it from auction of closing bases, YOU KNOW BRAC…

    This journalism makes me VOMIT

    I HAVE BOXES OF MFM AND OLDER ALSO, for you 286 ppl, along with A LOT OF BOARDS STILL.. z80, 8080, 8086, etc etc etc, THATS ALL I DID WAS UNSOLDER STUFF FOR PARTS TO FIX RADIOS!!!

    But this crap ran on the 80186.. . Okay.. SCK ABCCBSNBCFOXPBS retards. Ya all should format C before my batch file does!!!

    PHOTO 2
    Go on then MATH my sizes.. Oh that’s just a floppy.. That’s right it is.

    Yeah I edited tyhe first photo, TO get text to comment. SO YOU CAN’T JUST RUN WITH IT, mean while in photo two your starting to take photos of my KIT, so how ya going to SPIN THAT? Maybe I take the disc out and do more photo OPS… MAybe I get all that hardware reconnected.

    Hell I honestly wanted to donate to the MUSEUM, but now…. lol Maybe not, maybe we GO BACK TO THE BBS AFTER WW3?

    I don’t know, but I am like GOING TO BE PREPARED.

    You break your oath and give me no options. WATCH HOW FAST I CAN BURN THAT DISC!!!

    Want to see how fast?

    Truth is I could use more MFM drives. lol Hey it is what it is…

  2. More phoney journalism paid for by the CIA.

    Yes, our treasonous government has state of the art technology at NSA facilities in Utah and around the country monitoring our information with facial recognition software and all, yet we’re all meant to believe that our silos are still using 8 inch floppies that run slower than molasses. Don’t worry everyone, when Russia shoots a nuclear missile at us, we’ll retaliate in a year because that’s how long it will take to upload the information and send out the missile.

    Unfrigginbelievable. I can’t believe there are stupid sheeple who believe this shit.

    Also, why in the hell would the U.S. military tell the world how they control their nuclear silos? That goes against National Security. You’d be broadcasting government and military secrets to the world. It’s treason.

    In any case, unless they want other countries to actually believe that we are using outdated technology, then this is all bullshit. And I don’t think any one country in the entire world would believe this hogwash story. That’s just my opinion.

  3. I don’t believe. Cause I HAVE some of it. welp on disc at least!
    You seen it.

    much love

    Burn in hell MSM

    I should let you know I spent good time SAVING everything away from magnets (PUREHELLAS A MUSICIAN)

    MAGGOTS like CBS

    much love to the ANGEL NYC that knows even more! But I can and have written software by now. Might be CRAP software, and truth is I hAVE NOT WRITTEN IT TO THE SAME DISCS

    WHO KNOWS maybe MY Discs can out those. MAYBE I AM WRONG…. and that would be a FATAL ERROR my trench amigos.

    1. I don’t have a problem with the floppy discs. However, I do have a problem with other issues and cover-ups that were brought up in the full story. Like I said, the floppy discs were only a small segment of the report. 😉 🙂

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