10 thoughts on “Tesla Howitzer used Against Mosque in Iraq – Tesla Howitzer Unveiled

    1. Hey Mark, When Henry was talking about a weapon to use against these “super fast” chinese missiles I remembered this video I had put on my favorites list. What do you think. Is this a legit video?

      1. Look legit to me. Jesus………..I’ve never seen anything like it before. I can’t believe this thing is 3 years old. I haven’t heard a damn thing about it.

        1. I enjoyed the guy’s comment when he said something to the effect of, “I want to get this video out because of the psychotic people who could have their hands on the button.”

  1. If Tesla was right a weapon that could make a nuclear weapon look like
    a fart in a phone booth. An on demand nuke that could be directed anywhere
    on earth with no delivery system at all. Just point, click and boom. Also the
    thing could be used for other more exotic effects I’ve heard.

  2. He’s right, Thomas Bearden is the man when it comes to scalar technology. I have been aware of this technology for at least 15 years. Tom has said he saw evidence the Russians used it in Afghanistan back in the 1980’s. Perfect bodies, no signs of decay after the people were killed over a month before their bodies being discovered outside in the elements. Check out his site:


  3. It didn’t appear to have created much damage to the mosque. but then it was a portable model.
    I could imagine what something 100x that magnitude from a space based platform (which I’ve read they have) could do, though.

    1. Start at the 4:20 mark. The blast almost knocked the whole dome over. You can see it tip to the left. (the whole dome)

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