Texas Girl Rescued After Getting Kidnapped and Taken To Mexico 12 Years Ago

Breitbart – by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — A Texas father will soon be reunited with his daughter 12 years after the girl’s mother allegedly kidnapped her and took her to Mexico from where U.S. federal agents working alongside their Mexican counterparts were able to rescue her.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show that 44 year-old Dora Marie Llorens was formally charged on Wednesday of one count of aggravated kidnapping for the April 2002 abduction of her daughter Sabrina Allen who was only 4-years-old at the time.  The child was allegedly taken by Llorens during a weekend visit.   

In 2002, the 353rd State District Court issued an arrest warrant for Dora who had fled with the child and it was not until September 30, 2012 when authorities were able to rescue Sabrina near Mexico City and return her to the U.S. on Tuesday.

On Wednesday Allen’s father Greg spoke with various media outlets during a press conference with the FBI. During the conference the father said Sabrina had not lived a regular life, had not gone to school and once she had recuperated he would ask her for a hug, various news outlets at the conference said.

The child was rescued after the father had hired a private investigator and had set up a website for tips in an effort to keep the search on despite the passage of time.

Sabrina Allen

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2 thoughts on “Texas Girl Rescued After Getting Kidnapped and Taken To Mexico 12 Years Ago

  1. She’s lucky this was only a family dispute. If the Mexicans had kidnapped her, she’d be earning them money until she was raped to death.

    (but of course, the “dreamers” are only here because they want a better life doing jobs Americans refuse to do, and if you pay any attention to the fact that they’re all jumping into the kidnapping, sex trafficking, and drug business, it’s because you’re a racist )

    With real unemployment figures hitting 50%, there are no jobs that “Americans refuse to do”.

  2. sorry, but i’d like to hear what the mother has to say. two sides to every story and this says nothing about why she did it. the arrest warrant just causes me to reject it right out the gate. if you know what I mean. this was probably one of their easier targets I mean arrests. their are kids being trafficked and we sure as hell don’t see you rescuing them. don’t wanna step on any toes eh guys/gals.

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