3 thoughts on “Texas Vaccine Policy Symposium Declares the ‘Anti-Vax’ a Threat to Public Health

  1. Can’t explain the outrage I feel in viewing this, hearing this. They want to make the pure-bloods into the problem that’s ruining the world. I expect more pressure will come with this. May none cave.

    And she, a she-demon, blaming and condemning people of conscience, of intelligence, she…

    Last name Koch:



    1. She obviously didn’t get rhinoplasty for her bat mitzvah and only got harvard. Must’ve come from humble beginnings, at least by their “standards”.

      Another filthy f’g khazarian with a God complex but they’ve always had strange gods, haven’t they?

  2. I guess he didn’t get the memo? .. the jig is up.

    So.. Alex Jones must pay nearly a billion dollars for “false reporting” Just curious when ……..

    Dr. Anthony “All vaccines are 100% effective” Fauci
    CDC director Rochelle “Vaccinated people don’t get sick” Walensky
    Joe ” the Vaccinated cannot spread the virus” Biden
    when will they be paying up?

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