Texe Marrs Suffers Heart Attack

From Texe Marrs website, Power of Prophecy

Texe has suffered a heart attack and is recovering at home. He sends his love to each of you, and he constantly thinks of the ministry and you.

Thank you for your prayers and love. Texe will hopefully make a speedy recovery.

God bless you for your faithfulness to Power of Prophecy. With your love, and through God, all things are possible.

Texe has been faithful both as a patriot and a non-501C3 preacher of the Word of God for as long as I have known Jesus. I have always found him, even if I had a disagreement with something he taught as being very genuine and the type of man I would like to have as a friend. He has been at the forefront of the effort to expose and teach the truth about the false Jews known in the Bible as the “Synagogue of Satan”. As someone I consider an ally in our cause, and certainly in the cause of Christ Jesus, I ask any and all who have faith to pray for Texe, his wife and for the people near to them. God will work His power as He sees fit, but I would on bended knee ask for Texe to have a full recovery and to continue preaching the truth (as I know he wants to – and will) – until that very last moment when God will call him home to his reward.


8 thoughts on “Texe Marrs Suffers Heart Attack

  1. Glad to hear you’re recovering, Texe…. get well quick.

    Darzak’s right. Texe Marrs has been a great ally in our struggle, and has worked hard to reveal the truth about the “chosen”.

  2. I guess the zionist don’t like his new book, Mark and Don had him on the radio last month, some real eye opening info!

  3. Get well, Texe! For you are truly the first true Christian preacher who exposed to me the Synagogue of Satan, the ethnicity of Ashkenazi Jews (Khazars), and the connections between them and the Rothschilds, etc. God be with you.

  4. Texe is my pick for the best educated, most knowledgeable jew researcher on the planet.

    I came across his site early on in my research, but dismissed the notion that the jews were mainly behind it all. I didn’t know about crypto-jews at that time, and didn’t realize the depth of their deception. It was about 3 years later that I came full circle – right back to Powerofprophecy, but by then I had discovered (through various other sources) that Texe was dead on the mammon about those stinking jews.

    I have a number of books & dvds that I ordered from his site, some of them by Texe.

    Outstanding researcher! Praying for a full recovery for you, Texe. We need your voice!

  5. Texe has had a second heart attack per his home page (if you scroll down). It is not dated but a google search hints it might have been circa 11/20/17, & that is why Jerry has taken over the radio show full time & Texe & Wanda are only going to be doing the Home Church weekly sermons.

    If Texe was born in 1944, he would be 73 sometime during 2017. Still young! 🙂 But it makes me so sad that the old-timers are getting sick, dying, etc.

    Do you know if Texe has SMART METERS out there in Texas? They are horrendous torture, causing the whole building here to vibrate “electrically” (floors, bed) plus it makes a horrible noise. But there’s underground powerlines here & underground meter pipes that run underneath, so most people may not even be aware of the EMFs zapping them if their infrastructure is different, unless/until the EMFs break through the body’s sensory system (which is intimately tied to the Central Nervous System).

    I would think Texe would be “smart” enough to say No Way Jose’ to any Smart Meters on his properties. I hope so, anyway, as they can cause heart problems, lung problems, CNS, neuro, strokes, sleep problems, etc. If Texe uses WiFi, they should get rid of that ASAP, as well; ditto cordless phones, or anything else that is “wireless” (microwave radiation).

    All of it is a crime of global proportions, but what else is new, right? :-/ And they are fast-tracking 5G mini-cells now, due to what the DeepState calls “national security” (baloney!). Those 5G mini-cells (some as big as refrigerators, I hear!) will be arbitrarily put anywhere the telcoms so choose (Fed Law!), in front of houses, on buildings everywhere, etc.

    I saw this at another forum from August 2016: “John Stadtmiller said that he had spoken to Sandra, and she had told him that Texe needed stints, but that, because of his age and weight, the doctors would try to treat him chemically.”

    Oh dear, I can’t imagine what “chemically” means, but it doesn’t sound good. One of my brothers (also being assaulted by Smart Meters) is 11 years younger than Texe & he’s been in the hospital three times since they flipped on the *AMI* Smart Meters (“Advanced Metering Infrastructure”). He was in the hospital twice for lungs/couldn’t breathe, & then this Spring 2017 he had a heart attack, he said it hurt like H. My bro is younger & thin, but my point is, he drove himself to the hospital & they put the stints in through the vein in his ARM!!! & they sent him HOME they very next day! He said that’s how they do it now (in FLA at least), is through the veins in the arm. So I don’t know why they couldn’t do that w/Texe, no matter age/weight if the stint(s) goes through the vein in the arm, wouldn’t you think?

    Either way, I sure hope Texe will be able to hang in there & recover fully. :(….

    1. “Either way, I sure hope Texe will be able to hang in there & recover fully. :(….”

      I sure hope he recovers too!

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