The Banking Cartels think they are going to take our Social Security

In 2008 the mortgage derivative fraud/scam was discovered as the bubble burst.  The largest central banks were wiped out, literally by their own hand.  Congress surrendered its power over allocations to the Treasury Department and Henry Paulson was named Treasury Secretary.  Then the American people were told that they were going to have to replace the wealth that had been stolen through the toxic derivatives because these privately owned central banks were too big to fail, thus the failure was dumped onto the people.

$32 trillion was stolen.  $32 trillion was borrowed in the name of the American people, leaving those people in generational bonded servitude.  Now the thieves had only to collect the wealth.

Parasites, like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor, who are nothing more than the lapdogs of the international thieves, were left to implement a plan to remove the wealth from the people.  You see they could not just declare austerity as in theory the United States is not a socialist country.  So they began blaming the fact that our country was broke on we the people.  It was Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps that have caused the collapse, not the international theft.

When McConnell, Canter, and Ryan first started their push to go after entitlements, they were slapped down and had to back off because of the 2010 midterm elections.  Now after two years of intense propaganda they will try to make their move again.

I saw a piece the other day wherein it was portrayed that old people going on Social Security were stealing from little children.  It was said that these baby boomers had lost their money and were now going to replace it by taking from their little grandchildren.

This is the lowest lie that these despicable bastards have ever attempted to put forth.  They are blaming the baby boomers for not saving other monies to replace the monies that are to be stolen from them by the international bankers.  Let’s look at this realistically.  During the tenure of the baby boomers, they could not save large amounts of money because of the enormous withholdings coming out of their paychecks.  If they would have had those monies to save they would not need Social Security now.  But of course they had no choice in the matter.

These Social Security retirement accounts were forced on the people.  If they wanted to work, they had to pay into them.  It was their money, procured through the sweat of their brows.  That money was stolen.  And now they are being portrayed as monsters that would take from their own grandchildren to replace the money that was stolen from them by the international banks, working in coalition with the treasonous criminals within what is supposed to be our government.

These sleazebags are trying to change the reality from one wherein the international central banks stole $32 trillion from the American people and are now trying to double their money by stealing Social Security and borrowing the rest in the names of our grandchildren, to one wherein the baby boomers foolishly lost their money in a Ponzi scheme and are trying to replace that money through borrowing in their grandchildren’s name.

The wealth did not cease to exist.  International elitists around this world have all of it, and rather than investigating, bringing the criminals to justice, and retrieving the wealth, these sleazebags are trying to shift the blame for their crimes on honest people that have worked all their lives and committed no crimes.

Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and every other one of these low life swindlers should be arrested, not just for the fraud they are attempting to commit right now, but for aiding and abetting the international thieves who have $32 trillion of our wealth as the sleazebags try to double their money through a back door austerity scam.

We either get Ron Paul into the White House and they go to jail or we take up arms and send them to hell.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “The Banking Cartels think they are going to take our Social Security

  1. These senior citizens were our true vets(before the “military contractors” took over. They were the creators of the “original” internet, and the reason for the economic boom before the next generation whored it out.
    If the bankers or politicians even think of harming these elders things are going to get ugly really quick. The generations under them will have nothing to lose by spending 24 hours a day seeking justice.
    Get rid of ALL of the liars in the government. Get rid of all the corrupt bankers and their helpers. Every single one. Obama and Romney are two sides of the same rich, powerful coin.
    People would be morons to accept either one of these fake religious folks as President.

  2. The government owes the Social Security Trust Fund $2.7 trillion dollars or 19% of our country’s debt. If they would just pay that back we wouldn’t need to steal from our grandchildren.

  3. Not blaming baby boomers? Gosh, what would Jim Quinn of “Burning Platform” say? (He blames baby boomers for everything, including 9-11 I suppose…)

  4. The bankers succeeded long ago in stealing America for Israel and the ancient banking families. Only by direct removal of these demons from our planet will save it…and us.

  5. Know your enemy. The Rothchilds created and control the central banks, created Israel and promote Zionism which teaches that non Jews exist to serve them.

  6. I am an optimist!
    Yes they will! Yes they will!
    Just watch them doing the stealing. It’s like taking candies from a baby!
    After all the American people are seen as big babies!

  7. Prison is where everyone of these and the politicians that helped sob should be.Left to rot with TV/Video playing showing all the corruption they have been involved in.The immediate side of me wants to just hang them all from the light posts down Pennsylvania Avenue as a clear warning to those that remain,that we will no longer tolerate this blatant fraud and corruption.But then that would be to easy on them.They would be dead and not feeling any consequence to their criminal acts.So yeah.hard time for life,made to work along public roads eight hours a day with their former position in large letters on their uniform so everyone can see this is what now happens to Corporate Mafia in America.

  8. At the end of the day their deliberate and rotted actions will be the vehicle thorough which their unveiling will be accomplished complete with DEFINITE captivity in their future.

    This does mean anyone who continues to deliberately hurt anyone, anywhere in the world including any “style” of provocation through [any] actions including through the “pen”.

    And how will this come about? By their own hands; through [their own beyond the perverse] actions, their arrogance, their true cowardice and their completely unsound and should I say unintelligent thinking.

    Reality check for these folks.

    Their BILLIONS$ and TRILLIONS$ will eventually be taken from them and they will be left standing NAKED without assistance.

    This will happen just as surely as they’ve done to countless other people in countless different scenarios through-out the ages.

    Their impending and looming doom will come to pass.

    And it will not be elegant, luxurious, painless nor exclusive.

    Maxwell Smart of ‘tv’s Get Smart’, [believed] when he demanded the “CONE OF SILENCE”, that he was in complete control, that he was safe and in complete secrecy.

    But, not quite.

    The problem is, is that the Cone of Silence NEVER WORKED PROPERLY a

    Maxwell Smart

    was not smart!

    Max’s absurd delusion and actual intelligent quotient perfectly mirrors and illustrates the folks being discussed here and all those like them throughout the world; throughout the ages!

    The following synopsis es depict a tv show spoofing the government /spy world [but] the outcome for folks who believe they do everything in “secrecy” will be quite different from what they have planned it to be.

    At the end of the day for these folks, their “Cone of Silence” will also prove to never have worked properly for they’ve NEVER ever done anything is “TOP SECRECY”.

    The Many Failures of the Cone of Silence


    One of Max’s favorite gadgets. Though it never worked properly, Max never gave up faith in it.

    Mr. Big

    The Cone makes its first appearance in the very first episode. The Cone is so silent that Max and the Chief are unable to hear each other, making communication next to impossible.

    KAOS in Control

    Max demands the Cone so that Hodgkins is unable to hear the information discussed. The Cone is lowered and Max and the Chief are unable to hear each other. Hodgkins can hear everything, however, so the Cone is raised.

    My Nephew the Spy

    The Chief asks Max to report on the progress he’s made in finding KAOS headquarters. Max demands the Cone to make his report. The Chief lowers the Cone and Max reports that he’s made no progress at all. The Chief immediately raises the Cone.

  9. “It was said that these baby boomers had lost their money…”

    Yes, we did. To a grasping government that shoved their guns into our faces and said “Pay into our socialized retirement Ponzi scheme or you cannot work”. 🙁

    “…to one wherein the baby boomers foolishly lost their money in a Ponzi scheme…”

    Absolutely true. The fact that it was the government’s own scheme did nothing to reduce its predation.

    “The immediate side of me wants to just hang them all from the light posts down Pennsylvania Avenue as a clear warning to those that remain,that we will no longer tolerate this blatant fraud and corruption.But then that would be to easy on them.”

    Not to worry. Simply hang them by their feet and allow every person in America to whack them with a 3 foot length of rubber hose for 5 minutes each. About time THEY learned what it was like to be “hosed”! >:-]

  10. Dead on the money, Shivley! The socialist engineering of society is like “Animal Farm”: Work the people with sticks and carrots. Collect the wealth earned in central banks, with the promise of saving for retirement funds, Social Security. Dispose of the elderly, injured and dissident to cut overhead. “Unfunded mandates” is misleading, the funds were looted by Uncle Sam! Obamacare will be the disposal method, denying medical care to the elderly, injured and dissident. Dead people do not collect benefits nor complain about looted funds!

  11. It is the American senior citizens fault for all of these problems. They voted for these A-holes. They had the option of voting for Ron Paul and other liberty minded people but they chose to vote for evil people. voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

    1. Speak for yourself! There are just as many if not more stupid young people that have an entitlement mentality who are severely ignorant.

  12. Over a period of 50 years the US Gobvernment of any party have managed to steal more than $13 Trillion as reported by the GAO.
    This is a Trust, and that means that no one, noit even a president or king can steal a dollar? but they didn’t, they stole $13 Trillion, and continue stealing hundreds of billions every year. They spend it on the illegal military wars of crimes worldwide, while they steal most of those Trillions?????

  13. “…we take up arms and send them to hell.” It’s interesting that you are one of the few websites that writes about a current social issue and then provides solutions.

    Just finished a thriller book about a small town in America that takes a stand against federal tyranny and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I recommend it cause it’s so real and could be our hometown one day. I recommend it.

    People will eventually have to choose between submission or take a stand to defend their families. Great article.

  14. What I want to know is why “Republicans” keep talking about the “entitlement system” when they have their own government entitlement system (and a very generous one,I might add) for both repubs. and dems. alike and vote to give themselves raises whenever they want…are you f—ing kidding me?But nobody wants to talk about that,let alone cuts to that “entitlement system”…hahaha!What a joke,wake up sheeple!

  15. Perfect description of what is really going on, needs to sent to everyone of these scums offices, including obama, as he his willing to do their bidding as well.

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